Friday, May 6, 2016

around here lately . . .

Just wanting to capture some memories of life right now . . . 

We got to go to David's art show at his one day a week school and see his interpretation of Georgia O'Keefe's work.  

Cora built a giant tower!  

David has been very interested in cooking and "plating" food creatively lately.  He wanted this dinner to be in rows.  

I got to teach David's Bible class one Sunday morning and we played a "dart board" game to review with velcro wrapped ping pong balls.  

These key lime mini cakes were pretty tempting at Costco but I passed them up.

I did make rosemary rice krispie treats for a girls' night!  

They were super yummy!  

Keeping my house picked up has felt like a battle lately.  After a morning of "resetting" I snapped this picture to capture the moment.  

As we did our music lesson the other day "Baby" decided to play along.  :)