Monday, April 14, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

happy birthday to Cora!

We woke up to TONS of snow this morning but we're having a happy birthday!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


"The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Okay so snow is really frozen water but how cute is my little 

boy-o shoveling the snow like his Daddy?  He felt SO big and 

was so proud.

But let's talk about the kind of water that you drink. 

Do you remember the past two Marches when we've raised money in partnership with The Adventure Project to not only provide CLEAN WATER to communities that desperately need it but also to provide JOBS and lots and lots of HOPE!!!

This is SUCH an exciting thing to me.  We have all been blessed so very richly and the opportunity to bring Heaven to earth is such a privilege!! 

Once again, my friend Mandy Houle is hosting a world water day raffle.  You can read all about this year's project (and see all of the fun raffle prizes up for grabs!) here but here is a little excerpt.  

"by investing in existing wells, we have the opportunity to 

employ entrepreneurs to become well mechanics, while 

simultaneously providing clean water.  i've always loved 


diana keesiga works with water for people.  they believe that 

it is possible for everyone to always have access to clean 

water.  their slogan says it all.

"everyone, forever.""

UM . . . YES!!! 

Last year readers of this blog donated $150 to The Adventure Project to help provide water, jobs and HOPE.

Can we do at least that much or MORE this year???

I would LOVE that!  

Consider it your birthday present to me 3 months early.  :)

Any questions, please feel free to ask.  

Oh and hey, don't bid on the same thing I did.  :)  JUST KIDDING.  You are welcome to!  

AND you don't have to live in Colorado Springs to participate in the raffle.  Many of the prizes can be shipped.

Especially if you have Easter/birthday/graduation/Mother's/Father's Day gifts to buy coming up anyway, what about entering the raffle to win a present to give?  Just a thought.  


six years ago . . .

photo by Rachel Debell

This wonderful man asked me to be his wife!

I am so thankful!  It is a wonderful adventure and there is no one I would rather be doing life with.  


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ten on ten March 2014

flowers left over from the birthday dinner we hosted the night before
kept company by a little lamb from my Mama

I love when I see these trucks around town!  I love the colors and graphics.

Fresh new haircut

All by myself in the car!  Thanks, Mom!

Only 8 more days with the cast (7 now!)

This sweet girl is so ready!  She WANTS TO MOVE!!!

Brother likes to wear his jammies (preferably footie jammies) all day everyday.  They are warm he says.  Clothes are not warm he says.  I've stopped fighting the battle.

He likes to read with me and I like to read with him.


This sweetie *loved* her baked beans and pulled pork!  

And is just basically all around a charmer.  

Saturday, March 8, 2014

10 days

Hopefully, we only have 10 days left of this cast.  

I am trying to prepare myself for the possibility that at our appt. on the 18th they will say that the x-rays don't look good enough for it to come off but honestly, if that happens it is going to be a huge blow!

We are all really, really ready.

I wake up in the mornings having dreamt about her crawling and rolling around and being so super happy doing it.  

We are so ready to cuddle her not trying to hug and snuggle around a huge, heavy, uncomfortable cast.

We are thankful, so very thankful that she can be treated and that this cast is making that possible but oh how ready we are to be done with it.

On the 18th we will hopefully/most likely get this spica cast off and also find out if the next step is a "long leg cast" or a brace and what either one of those entails.  We feel like we can only go up from here but neither of those will be a walk in the park either.

I needed a way to process today so I decided to look through photos so here you go . . . 

(these are not in order because I am not in the mood to fight with blogger)

These next photos were all taken 10 days before we found out that we were expecting David!

Our friend Betty and I on a hike in Sitka, Alaska

Soon to be Mama and Daddy

One of my very favorite places, Herring Cove

celebrating Betty's birthday!

This photo of Adrian with one of his nephews was taken 10 days before he came to Dallas to visit me for the first time when we were dating long distance.  Ironically it was also taken 6 years to the day before his daughter was born and 3 years to the day before another nephew was born.

we had been married 10 days and were still receiving wedding gifts in the mail!  Such fun!

This photo was taken 10 days before 2014.  

in this photo David was 10 days old!

This photo was taken 10 days before we moved away from Dallas at our wonderful church there AND the outfit on David's sweet little friend now has been handed down to Cora!

These Easter pictures were taken 10 days before David turned two years old.  

Okay, this is a stretch but I ran across this picture and it is so cute to me.  This was taken 10 days and 2 years before Cora was born.  :) 

This photo was taken the same day and that was also right before we moved to Colorado AND I get to see this sweet friend next to me in just 20 days!!  That is exciting!! 

These two photos were taken 10 days ago!

These two photos were taken 10 days before David's first birthday and 10 days before we found our house in Colorado!

It's funny looking at the moving van photo.  I can spy at least three things we don't own anymore, one that's been painted, etc.  :) 

Once again taken in Alaska, these photos were taken ten days before we would find out that this little boy was going to be a big brother!

10 days before his first haircut

10 days before our first married Christmas

So there you have it.  Major props if you actually made it this far.  This post was really for me to help me get some good perspective and have a way of reflecting.

I am thankful for a beautiful day today. 

I am thankful for sweet parents who baby-sat our kids so that Adrian and I could go on a little lunch date and try out a new spot for lunch as well as a new coffee shop.

I am thankful that both kids are asleep right now (just being honest).  :)

I am thankful that by now when I'm done writing this the day is done and now we only have 9 days left!  Single digits!!  Hallelujah!!  

I hope you've had a good day!  


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

double digits! You're ten months old, Cora!

We love you so much!  You are a treasure and a joy!

It has been a really big month and you have been so amazing!  From hours and hours of traction to surgery to the spica cast, you have shown us how it is done with grace!  

You have really taken a leap this month where eating solids is concerned.  I love to watch you eat.  You can attack a whole apple and delicately pick up peas, cheerios and raisins or currants one at a time and pop them in your mouth.  

You love your Nana!  

We were blessed with a bunch of hand me downs and that has been a lot of fun.  

You like going to the library and hanging out with Mama and Brother and you really like attention from your Daddy! 

You like to play with your Ducca and when we were at their house this day you chowed down on roast beef till I thought you wouldn't have any room left!  

You love to sing "God Made the Big Round Sun"  (your favorite part is the birds that fly) and "If You're Happy and You Know It".  You clap at the appropriate places and it just amazes me. 

You got to go with Mama to a baby blessing for one of your little friends and you were prayed over by our prayer sisters group when they found out about your hip displasia.  You were mesmerized by all of them and the attention.  

People constantly comment on how smiley you are and complete strangers tell us how cute and how pretty you are.  You have a way of making people love you.  

You are very persistent and intent and that's one of the many things I love about you.  

You also drink really well out of an open cup.  It is lots of fun to watch you.  

You learned to wave bye bye!

You love to be outside especially if it's windy and you like hiking with us.  

You talk a lot!!  Da da da da da da and we think you say brother too.

You guys are pals for sure!

You love to sit up and play with toys and you have adapted to the cast really well.  I feel bad for you but you will just lay on your back and play since you can't sit up on your own.  

You are really good at one finger and you have begun turning pages of books.  You love when Mama lets you get your hands on a real book.  You also can sit and turn the pages of the cloth book from Great Grandma over and over and over for quite a while.  It is adorable.  

Daddy and I LOVE your hair!  It is so pretty and you are getting so much of it!  

Traction was really hard but we made it through and it was worth it because your hip popped right into place during surgery.  

Cutie pie!  

You are not pulling yourself up yet (quite possibly because of your hip) but you were happy to stand for a few minutes to pose for pictures. 

Your brother loves you very much.  

And you love him!  You get giddy when you see him.  It's really cute!  

As we approached the surgery date (and then the rescheduled surgery date since our surgeon got sick and your original surgery got cancelled minutes before we walked out the door) you came closer and closer to crawling!

cutest little sister ever!

love that tongue that's always out

You've got your two little teeth on the bottom.  

pretty impressed with yourself getting brother's truck 
(photo through the baby gate)

You LOVE the robot vacuum cleaner and are mesmerized watching it.   Sometimes when you are fussy in the late afternoon I will turn it on just so you are happy.  

and getting up on all fours!

You learned to crawl the night before your surgery!  It felt like a gift and was oh so very fun to watch!  Can't wait to see you crawling again sweet girl!  

We will make it through this cast business but Mama is certainly counting down the days!

love you, Cora!