Saturday, January 23, 2016


I am so happy to link up another post for Kelly's Korner's Single Link Up.  This is my cousin Jonathan.  I asked him if I could write a post about him.  

He is incredible!  He is 8 years younger than me so we grew up together but as I have gotten to know him as an adult I really just can't say enough good things about him.  He is an awesome guy.

Jonathan is committed.  He is not one to give up.  He is also adventurous and likes to travel.  He is easy to talk to and is intentional about spending time with his sisters, parents and nephews and also makes time with our extended family a priority.

Jonathan is a triathlete and a graphic designer.  He owns a photography business.  

He is always intentionally strengthening his relationship with the Lord and strives to live for Him in every aspect of his life.

He enjoys photography, traveling, running, softball, cycling, swimming, skiing and anything or any sport that gets him outdoors.

He spends a lot of his nights and free time with friends from church.

If you know of an eligible Christian woman who you think would like to meet Jonathan or if you are an eligible Christian woman and would like to meet Jonathan feel free to e-mail me (sundrenchedmoments @ gmail dot com) or e-mail him directly at jwaven@ yahoo dot com

(Also, to all of my other single friends out there, if you would like me to do a post for you too, please let me know!!)


Thursday, January 21, 2016


I am participating in Kelly's Korner singles link up day today to introduce you to my friend Jenni. 

Did you know that in the time Kelly has been hosting this link up for singles to meet one another that ELEVEN couples have gotten married??!  

Pretty cool. 

This is my friend Jenni.  

She is a truly wonderful person.  She is one of the greatest friends.  She is very thoughtful of others, is a great cook, loves to travel, is into sports and likes Harleys.  :) 

She is a very giving person.  She is smart and capable and has a very good job.  She currently lives in Abilene, TX.  

Jenni is a Christian and her faith is very important to her.  
She has a sense of adventure and likes to have fun.  

Jenni is an incredible cook and makes wonderful desserts, comfort food and hosts an amazing Christmas open house each year with holiday goodies that keep everyone coming back for more. 

If you happen to know
 of an eligible Christian man who you think would like to meet Jenni or if you are an eligible Christian man and would like to meet Jenni feel free to e-mail me (sundrenchedmoments @ gmail dot com) or e-mail her directly at jennipearl76blog @ gmail dot com

Obviously more women read Kelly's Korner's blog than men so if you know of any great single men who are looking to find someone to marry, point them to Kelly's Korner blog today.  The more people who check out her post, the better the chances are.  

Jenni with her nieces.