Friday, September 30, 2011

you win some, you lose some

Last Friday morning David and I went to an estate sale and a couple of garage sales.

I saw these wooden magnetic alphabet letters for $1 at one sale.

I thought they would be fun for David and so I asked the lady if all of the letters were there. She said that they were and that actually there were even extra letters because it was the Danish alphabet.

I got home and began sticking them on the fridge for David and trying to spell out his name.

"um . . . can't find an i."

"Sure enough, all of the letters are out of the cute little wooden box with the acrylic slide lid."

"hmm . . . I guess the Danish alphabet doesn't have the letter i."



She was really nice and I really do think she acted in good faith and believed all the letters to be included but I guess I should have checked for myself.

Oh well, some bargains are better than others.

Do you have any funny similar stories?


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

colorado Springs Streets - A-Z {Academy} finishing at last!

{isnt' it funny how it looks like a dinosaur or something bit a chunk out of the traffic light?}

Originally I started at the very most northern part of Academy and was working my way south.

In an effort to *finish* I decided to start at the southern end and work my way north.

It was actually really fun how this finishing trip started out.

I have a toddler. I don't know if you're toddlers have been like this, but mine likes to go "bye bye". A LOT

On this day I had a "plan" for the day that involved staying home but he just kept saying "bye bye" "bye bye".

I realized, "why be a stay-at-home mama if you can't just chuck the schedule now and then and just hang out together?"

So I put him in the car which made him very happy and off we went driving and stopping along the way.

I treated myself to a breakfast burrito and an iced smore latte from a little stand on our way out.

We headed to the southern end of Academy and started heading up.

We saw Memphis and Mayo, BBQ and Thai.

We are adventuresome eaters but I'm not sure if I'm adventurous enough for this. Especially since I don't even like mayo. Have any of you locals been? Anyone want to check it out?

Blue, blue sky, clouds and beautiful mountain views as we travel along

The Arc Thrift Store is probably my favorite big thrift store in town but I didn't know there were two locations!

We stopped and I got a big, iced tea glass for Adrian that was exactly what I had been looking for. I had gotten one a couple years ago at World Market for my dad but they haven't had them the last several times I've been in.

The name of this shopping center cracks me up.


I don't think we'll be checking out much there except perhaps the Asian Market. We have been wanting to find one to buy rice vinegar, sesame seeds, etc. at better prices than the mainstream grocery stores.

Here's another market we could try. Any of you locals ever been to one of these or have a great Asian market to recommend in town?

I thought this church just off Academy was really pretty.

As we go further north we come to the Citadel Mall. I heard more than once when we first moved here that this was the "ghetto mall" but I have found it to be nice, clean, friendly people . . .

I went to the Burlington Coat Factory first and honestly it was the very nicest one I've ever been to. It was clean, organized and pleasant. Most of the ones I went to in Texas, especially the one at Grapevine Mills always seemed to be in disarray and kind of dirty. I mentioned to the clerk how nice their store was and that it was nicer than where I had moved from and when she asked where I had come from and I answered, she said she had heard those stores weren't very nice. Evidently you're getting a reputation, Texas, better step it up!

Dillards - I have some credit here and I look forward to going and buying some Dansko shoes
for winter which will qualify me as a real Coloradan I think.

These Village Inns are all over the place.

Have you ever been to one?

Should we go?

This gyro place with a Greek flag looks worth a try.

This event center is important because this is where the Just Between Friends consignment sale is! I sure miss going to the Divine Consign sale with all my Dallas friends but going to JBF with my sil and some new friends here is good too!

My mom and I are pretty partial to this antique mall here in the Springs. It's a fun one. We went several times when I'd visit before we moved here. Sadly we haven't yet been together since I moved here. Yucky cancer.

But watch out, as soon as she's recovered from treatment (which is going really well by the way, thanks for those of you who pray for her and us!) we'll be hitting the antiquing spots with our usual vigor.

Do you like to antique?

Where are your favorite places?

We love local but we're gonna be up for some road trips too!

At the corner of Academy and Constitution is this Sinclair gas station with the green dino out front! I think it will be so fun when David gets a little bigger and starts asking if we can go see the green dinosaur when we're out and about in the car.

We are pretty big fans of Schlotzsky's around our house. I haven't been to one of the ones combined with cinnabon yet. Have you? Is it weird to be eating your savory sandwich while inhaling deep breaths of cinnamon yeast roll scent? I must admit I find the combo a little weird.

This place looks fun!

Anyone been?

Anyone want to go?

hmm . . . wonder if this place is any good. Anyone know?

We keep getting coupons for this place. Looks like it could be fun to try.

I am dearly missing Half Price Books. Buying, selling back, browsing . . .

Wonder if this would fill that void at all.

See that nice big "hill" behind the Academy sign? That is part of Palmer Park, the city's biggest park with lots of trails, at least one neat playground, etc. I really should explore it more. I think it is a gem in the city.

Look at this fun putt putt place!

and only $2! aw yeah!

As you can tell from the pics it was starting to get overcast so I was not in as much of a mood to linger over photo ops any longer. (and this was actually two days later too as I didn't manage to finish before naptime) You can see "Wade's Cafe" in the bottom left of the photo and also a little behind that Taste of Philly.

We've heard great things about Wade's breakfast. We went once at lunch and while it was fine I wasn't all that impressed. Should we check it out for breakfast?

Taste of Philly is another place we keep getting coupons for. Could be fun.

There seem to be quite a few independent coffee places here which is a nice change from Dallas.

Right now we are doing "Music Together" and I am loving it! Maybe one day we'll try Kindermusik though. Not sure if there are many differences or if they are basically the same.

This place looks fun and I like that little bird perched atop their sign.

I think this is a super adorable playground. We've got to go sometime before it gets too cold!

consignment paradise? I might need to check it out. I am realizing that I still have a lot of professional clothes and I could use some more casual, not dry clean only, things and also some more layering options in this climate.

Okay the very generic signs on this "bargain store" were cracking me up for some reason.

Maybe my mom would like to get a wig here! Um, probably not I'm guessing.

Cookies by Design

I wonder if we'll be going here when David is bigger. He sure did love the model train exhibit at the science center!

This sign is on the back of a shopping center but when I drove around front I didn't see any trace of it. Sad because I'd like to check it out.

Paradise Pizza sounds intriguing but so far we haven't found anything we like better than Boriello Brothers. Should we try Paradise?

I was glad to move to a place with Fazoli's again! All the ones in Dallas disappeared. We've already enjoyed some good after church lunches here with my parents.

This is a HUGE and really nice Hancocks. I bought some fabric for curtains here recently! Now I need to get to sewing.

My dad is a big Del Taco fan. I haven't been yet since we moved here but I remember liking to go when we would go to California growing up.

Remember how TCBY was *the thing* back in the day before all of these new fangled froyo places started showing up? I would like to go to TCBY sometime soon and see if they still have white chocolate moose with fresh blackberries. That was my standard order. Um yum!

We went to Russel Stover when my Aunt Kim and Sweetie were in town. It was good!

I barely caught this photo behind the tree but maybe Book Rack could be one of my new bookstores too.

Yea for Hatch Green Chiles!

So nice to have a place we can get them in town!

We already bought a bushel basket and my sweet husband put them all up!

There are also different food trucks in this parking lot.

We haven't tried the barbecue yet although we hear it's really good.

We did make it to the crepe truck recently so I'll have to do a post about that.

Hope you've enjoyed this {long} tour of Academy!!!

Thanks for coming along!


Monday, September 26, 2011

from the archives

These are what I was finding in my mailbox THREE Septembers ago!

Being engaged was so much fun. Being married is better.


p.s. my cousin Jonathan designed our reply cards which I just loved.