Tuesday, September 6, 2011

it just keeps getting better and better

I've heard my mom say it many times that each stage her kids were at was her favorite until they got to the next stage and then that was her favorite.

When David started crawling that seemed to be the end all be all in our little lives. He could get to things, places and people that he wanted on his own, it was stinkin' cute, etc.

I didn't want to rush him to walk.

Well, can I just say how much I am *loving* having a little walker?

What are some of your favorite stages kids go through?


photo by Adrian, taken while we were in Chicago


Karen said...

Well, surprise, surprise, right now I would say that my favorite stage my kids are going through is the Mom and Dad phase. I love watching all 4 of my children being parents. You are all excellent and this most important job and it is a joy to share time with you and our grandchildren.

Rachel said...

I really love the baby stages, but it is a real delight when reading starts to click for your kids as it opens a whole world to them. I'm trying to enjoy whatever stages my children are in, even the 19m getting into every.single.thing phase.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm actually enjoying the teenage years right now. I like watching my kids begin to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. I like seeing them use their reasoning skills. I like watching them interact with their friends and exert some independence. It's not always easy, but so far it's been kinda fun.

Mindy S. said...

I have always loved 12-24 months age. They are just learning so much at this age! And every day is something new. (Bit of Trivia: that is the same age group that Sweetie asked me to help with over and over while everyone else in the Teachers in Training program was rotating through all of the age groups. I never minded. :-) I have to agree with Rachel though, too. Having Amy reading is soooo much fun. I love to listen to her read to her sisters when I am fixing supper or doing some chore.

(P.S. Katelyn turns 18 months this week. She just this weekend has finally decided to walk. Only 4-5 steps at a time, and crawling is still faster, but at least she is interested now. :-)

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Well, I have to say that right now third grade is NOT one of our better stages. Sigh. I love the person that my boy is at the this age, but third grade has made this stage very, very trying for us.

But, yes, I tend to agree with you, each age and stage has its own unique and sweet blessings.