Tuesday, October 10, 2017

ten on ten - October 2017

waking up with braids!  

asking to read Brambly Hedge first thing and being able to "read" it from memory rather well from having listened to the audio book 

new to us candle holder fashioned out of a "something" picked up at an estate sale last spring.  toast and pears, almonds and quiche, blackberries and cheese for breakfast while we learn about I Chronicles, read Bernadette Watts' Will You Be My Friend? and a poem by Longfellow (my current interest) 

sweet breakfast prayer time (after the fact)

unplanned part of our school day - they wanted to sew Halloween costumes for their stuffed animals and babies!  

another unplanned tangent that was so much fun - We read Little Melba and Her Big Trombone last week and my kids were super into it.  So this week we read Duke Ellington:  The Piano Prince and His Orchestra that I used to read all the time to my students in my classroom and Sugar Hill: Harlem's Historic Neighborhood.  After reading them I thought I'd just turn on a Duke Ellington song and we'd have a little dance party but they decided to get out nearly all of our instruments and go to town!  I loved it!  We listened to nearly all the Duke Ellington songs in my Itunes library while we improvised!

After lunch we went on a leaf walk, practiced balance bike riding and scooter navigating on the hills while we picked up leaves and tried to identify them from the pictures in Leaf Jumpers which we read last night.  

Then I finally painted the trim around the bathroom door while listening to podcasts about teaching history :) and the kids "started a business" of clearing yards and sidewalks of leaves.  

It has been a good day.  Hope yours has been too!  


Sunday, October 1, 2017

end of September

Last Saturday we took a family date day to Denver.  We were a bit stir crazy with a whole day of rain predicted in the Springs so after debating some different plans we just struck out driving north and made up the plan as it went.  We had a GREAT day (even though it was raining in Denver too!)  Soul refreshing!  Just what we needed.  

We parked and rode the light rail and buses around town which of course was a hit!

We walked around some fun neighborhoods, enjoyed one of our favorite places, Maggiano's and got donuts at Lamar's!  

Wednesday was a day of mess making!  I had a hard time keeping up!  

Thursday the kids had their school outside of home and I did some shopping.  I bought the trellis . . . 

I didn't buy the boots . . . (once I realized the soles were slick and they were only for fashion not actually for hiking afterall!  But I'd like some similar.)  

Friday my wonderful parents and brother and sister-in-love kept the kids for us so we could enjoy a date day in Denver celebrating 9 years of marriage coming up this week!  

enjoying a special gift from my amazing friend's mama!  

I want to identify this flower.  Anyone know?  

Indian taco with bison and wild rice and rabbit bowl at Tocabe.  

If you live close, go here!!!  I predict you won't be disappointed!  

ice cream of course!  

Saturday we went hiking with friends!  

I'm looking forward to this new week and am gearing up for a heavy planning week for our next 6 week term of school!  

Blessings on your week!