Thursday, September 4, 2014

road trip

Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend 2014 we road tripped.  It felt very "all American".  It was a nice way to bookend the summer.  We didn't plan it but it just worked out that way.  

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to Mount Rushmore to meet up with a friend and over Labor Day weekend we helped my brother and sister-in-law and cutie pie little niece move to Salt Lake City.  

We really enjoyed both trips and both places.  The kids really did great in the car too!  I also got to add two new states to my list!  

I think a 7-8 hour drive plus stops is my preferred maximum for a day but we are learning as we go and also going with the flow as we continue to travel as a family.  

On our way home from Salt Lake we had a 9 1/2 hour or so drive to make and did it in 12 hours with a stop for lunch, a quick stop to retrieve lost sunglasses and a rest area stop to use the bathroom.
Oh and also a stop to take a photo at the continental divide.  

I really enjoy trying out places to eat while traveling that we can't get at home.  On our way home from Salt Lake we stopped in Green River, Utah.  Now there are not a whole lot of places in Green River, Utah to eat but this place looked interesting to me and reminded me of C & D Burger Shop that I went to growing up so we went in.  They were very nice about working with our food allergies and letting us read ingredients on packages.  

Cora and David midway through our drive home waiting for our food to come at Chowhound

The greatest gems of the trip food wise though were Taco Time and Spitz.  We discovered Taco Time while searching Yelp for one $ and 4 stars or more as we were entering Price, Utah and needing a dinner stop on our way out to Salt Lake City on Saturday.  Their customer service exceeded chick-fil-a if such a thing is possible, they were great about food allergies and the food was yummy!  

We ate at Spitz on Sunday night in SLC.  David particularly liked saying the name.  :)  The food was very yummy, described as Mediterranean street food.  Mine actually was served in a loaf pan!  Oh my!  At least some of it was a salad (served atop a bed of sweet potato fries!) But boy was it yummy!!  Fantastic fries and sweet potato fries, lamb that both kids (and the adults) ate hungrily, great sauces and dressings, etc.  I would definitely go back.  

Oh and they also had complimentary fresh mint and fresh cucumber waters.  

David checking out the vending machines at Chowhound

I don't know that I have ever crossed the continental divide in a car before and it was something that really made an impression on me this trip.  To drive up the mountains and then back down the other side so dramatically on highway 70 on our way out (this picture was taken on our way back on highway 50) was really neat.

Have you been to Salt Lake City or Mount Rushmore?  Any suggestions of things to see, so or eat when we go back?  

Did you road trip this summer?  I'd love to hear about it.

Best tips for road tripping or traveling in general with kids?