Monday, September 30, 2013

31 days of Processing the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker

The Nester holds a blog link up each year during the month of October where people choose a topic and write about it every day for 31 days.

I have never before participated but decided to this year as I have been "mulling over" my response to reading the book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker, since June and I would love to have more of a "dialogue" with others about it as various thoughts swirl through my head. 

I know this "button" is all blurry.  I didn't have it in me to try to learn button making as I've been "single parenting" while Adrian's been on a business trip.  

I first began hearing about the book a year or so ago on various blogs I read but will admit that although I was somewhat intrigued I didn't really *want* to read it because I feared it might be too uncomfortable, too convicting, lead to too much *change*.  My husband can tell you that I don't tend to be a big fan of change!

I'm not really sure what finally made me want to read it but once I wanted to, I really did want to read it and I got on the waiting list for a chance at it from my library.  I started out WAY down the list - at least #19 or something like that.  

I'll tell you more about finally getting it and beginning to read it tomorrow.  My goal is to write a little bit about my "processing" through this book and the ideas that it presented to me each day in October.  I will also still hopefully do some non "7" related posts too.  

So regular readers, I hope you are up for this "departure" from "regular programming" and those of you coming over via the link on Nesting Place, welcome!

So, I'm curious, have any of you read the book?  

Be back tomorrow.  

If you're interested, stay tuned over the course of the month for what clothing items were my "cheater" items, what I missed the most, what stressed me out the most (it was different than what I would have thought) and more!


Saturday, September 21, 2013


When did these boys . . . 

get this big???

love them!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ten on ten - September 2013




friends and family






What did you do today?

September 2010 - my first ten on ten!

Friday, September 6, 2013

communion quiet book

To be honest, I didn't think I was a "quiet book making mom".  I had seen them and they're very cute and all but I just didn't think it was "me" to spend the time making one and I didn't really think that my efforts would turn out very well if I did try.  Paper and I get along much better than fabric and I.  :)  

But as they say "necessity is the mother of invention".  

David has started coming into "big church" with us and I was looking for ways to teach him more about communion.  

As I often do when I am seeking out ideas, I sent an e-mail to several friends asking what they do.  My sweet friend Vanessa encouraged me to make something with felt that he could hold and that would be a tactile way of learning about Jesus on the cross, the empty tomb and Jesus now in Heaven.  

My friend Tamara is great at making quiet books so a trip to Joann's and a phone call to Tamara later, I knew what I was going to do today.  

After having read Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts this summer I knew I wanted to focus on the Lord's Supper as being a time of thanksgiving.  David is already used to saying things that he is thankful for and praying thanking God for things so I wanted this to tie in for him in that way.  

I didn't want to take the time to cut "thank you" out of felt so I printed it on cardstock and attached it to the cover with brads.  I have no idea how long it will last but it will be simple to repair if it tears. 

The letters for "Jesus" are felt glued to thin cardboard with velcro on each one so he can put them on and take them off. 

I made a page with Jesus on the cross and this Jesus doll is attached via velcro too and can be taken off and attached onto the next two pages as well.  

Here is the tomb.  I really liked this gray textured felt that Joann's had and thought it would be perfect for the tomb.  The flowers are brads that I got at a garage sale once upon a time and I just clipped off the backs with wire cutters and hot glued them on (to avoid the backs of the brads showing on the back of this page).  You can see the spot of velcro to the right of the stone where the Jesus doll can be affixed.  

And the stone can be pulled back to reveal the empty tomb.  

This page depicts Jesus in Heaven.  I wasn't quite sure how to visually represent Heaven but I went with a blue sky, clouds and a street made of gold.  

The pom pom balls are also attached with velcro and can be taken on and off.  

The last page I have so far is the grapes and crackers page.  

The crackers are not yet attached because I want to go and buy some snaps so that he can practice snaps.  The grapes are made of buttons and little round pieces of felt with slits cut in them that can be "buttoned on".  He does not yet know how to button so this will be good practice too I think.  

He is very curious about the book I was making for him today and I plan to only bring it out at church so that it's novelty will not wear off too quickly.  I think it will give him a way to be engaged and also help him learn about communion and it's meaning to us as Christians.  

Oh and I should definitely say that the *only* thing I sewed were the buttons for the grapes.  Everything else I used the glue gun or brads to attach.  There is no way this project ever would have gotten done otherwise.  I have no idea how it will hold up but I am not interested in perfect here but in done!  

Also, I am thankful for other friends also chiming in with ideas of how to talk to kids about communion.  I have really great friends.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

happy five months, Cora Elise!

Cora, I cannot believe this photo from the beginning of the month and then this one from the end!  You have grown so much and we love you to pieces baby girl! 

I love your hair and your pretty eyes.  

I bought this little sunshine outfit before I was ever even pregnant with you just because I liked it so much (and it was on clearance!)  :)  It was so much fun to see you in it at last!  

When Daddy was out of town you and Brother and I went to the Denver Children's Museum together.  You were such a trooper.  

You are giving us such great big smiles!  You especially like being on your changing table.  You're "talking" and laughing and giggling and we love it.  You've also found your lips and you purse them up and make all kinds of movements and sometimes sounds with them.  

(Also, I love this vintage sheet turned changing pad cover!)

You look so cute in your Christmas present from Uncle Edmund and Aunt Cecy and your bow from Mrs. Tamara.  

Poor baby girlie, you just get to chew on Katy doll while we eat gelato after church.  Just one more month till solids sweet baby!  

You and your brother are interacting more and more.  Sometimes you cry when he is hovering as I think you may get a little claustrophobic, understandably but other times you laugh and smile.  He is enjoying you so much!  He knows which toys are "big" and which are "small" and should stay out of your reach.  He is a very good big brother!  

He likes to include you in playing with he and I which I find very sweet.  On this day everyone was supposed to be wearing necklaces and "vests" but we settled on this cape for you.  :)  

We have been so blessed by many hand me downs and you look so cute in them!  

And you got this "Nana's Little Cutie" shirt at our church shower and this was the first time you got to wear it - for a playdate with Nana and the boy cousins at Monkey Bizness!  

You did sooo much better when you got your shots this month.  You were very brave and Mama was very thankful!  

Oh sweet girl,  I remember this day well.  You *would not* nap!  

Sleeping has been an interesting subject this month.  Pretty much, we got into some bad habits in July while we were traveling and such that were encouraging you to get up multiple times a night and it was wearing us out!  You have been doing really well going longer between day time feedings and putting yourself to sleep and you are sleeping much longer stretches at night now!  Thank you!!  Mama appreciates it so much!  

You stayed with brother and our sweet other "grandma" while Mama and Daddy went on a date.  You were such a good girl.  

Look at you in this SUPER cute outfit from Mrs. Pat!

This is the day that David was telling you that God and Jesus will always take care of you!  Such a precious, precious moment!

Oh baby, girlie!  You love to have any kind of cloth item.  You scrunch it and hide your face under it and then take it off.  You were so cute laying on the bed with Mama while I went through some clothes playing with this laundry bag.  

Sacked out!  

You're drooling a ton (as evidenced by Daddy's shiny arm!)  You have a hard time going to sleep at night whether we rock you or put you in your bed but it's getting better!  

You are able to pull this little birdie down all by yourself and you'll do it over and over.  It's fun to hear that little noise coming from the back seat when we're driving.  You also love to reach up and try to get the canopy of your car seat.  

You went through a time of not really caring much for your swing one way or another but you have really been enjoying it lately!  

Brother was making a "gum ball track" and he wanted you to check it out which you seemed happy to do.  I love these jammies on you too.  I can't remember who gave them to us but they are nice and thick and warm and cozy and those little hot pink ruffles are adorable.  You need nice cuddly jammies because you don't sleep in your swaddle anymore.  Big, big girl!  

I definitely had to monitor this closely but the two of you were having so much fun!  You were both laughing and you were trying so hard to get Brother's face in your mouth!  

I am so glad you two are friends!  

Brother even gave you a bottle for me one day and you took it like a champ!  

He really likes for you to be nearby!  

One night though David got to spend the night at Nana & Ducca's with the boy cousins for a sleepover so you got to go to breakfast with Mama and Daddy!  Daddy was proud to be out to breakfast with "his girls".  We love our Daddy!  He's a keeper for sure.  

You held Daddy's hand while he was feeding you a bottle.  

All smiles!  

Every once in a while you will still put yourself to sleep while you're playing first thing in the morning.  It's really sweet.  

bath time for a pretty girl!

You got to stay with Brother at Nana and Ducca's on this night and you did a great job without Mama nearby.  It doesn't hurt that you love your Nana and Ducca!  

taking a snooze in your sweet little bonnet during church 

You seem to enjoy riding in the Ergo on hikes or just in the neighborhood, in stores, etc.  I enjoy having you close.  

bestest smile!!

hiking with Mama and Daddy and David at Seven Bridges

I love snuggling with you at home or on the go.  It is so cute when you get your thumb.  

It started raining on us on our hike but your ROSK (Rain or Shine Kids) cover kept you snug as a bug in a rug!  

pj Saturday at home

You still enjoy your bouncer and play vigorously with the toys.  We did try out your Johnny Jump Up Seat this month too and you're enjoying that as well.  You even sit up on your own on the floor for at least thirty seconds at a time now.  

Most people say you look like your daddy but every once in a while someone will say they see me.  

We say all the time how you are *such* an easy baby and how thankful we are!  

You *love* your feet and I love that you do!  You still don't roll over much but you sure can entertain yourself rolling around on the floor and holding onto and chewing your feet and anything else you find nearby.  Twice now you have been rolled over onto your tummy when I've gone into get you out of your bed and those were the first times you had ever rolled from back to tummy.  When Daddy went into your room just now where you are sleeping we discovered why, you're sleeping on your tummy!

David was saying, "Boz is back on duty!" while putting this play frying pan on your head.  

You went to cradle roll for the first time!  They said you did very well!  

You are enjoying playing on your tummy more and more!  You like to play with the vintage fisher price apple that chimes when you rock it back and forth.  

You are very interested in books and often read with Brother and I.  You will handle and chew on any board book we let you get your hands on.  You've also begun chewing on Sophie the giraffe a lot.  

You like to be where the rest of us are so we usually sit you in the bumbo in the kitchen while we are getting dinner ready and you are quite content and sometimes even talk to us.  

You and Brother both like to play with this tea set.  

One day we did (very closely supervised) water play with you and Brother and you had a good time splashing around in the water in the sheet pan.  

You love, love, love your Ducca! 

You have become super interested in food and cups and try to get your hands on them!  :)  

We love you so much, baby girl!  We are so thankful to have you!!

love, Mama