Saturday, September 27, 2008

cake server

Thank you for ALL of your comments!  They really made my week!  I really appreciate hearing from so many of you and from those of you who I didn't know read, welcome!  And if you're just wandering over here and haven't commented yet, we could still make it to 50!  Feel free.  Leave a comment.  :)  

Thanks to those of you who are praying.  All is well in my world.  I'm not stressed, just happy and so excited that I'm the bride!  Wow!  God is good.

 I wanted to show you this cake server that we will be using at the wedding.  Adrian knew I wanted to have an antique cake server engraved with our monogram to use and then keep as a momento and I hadn't been able to find one.  So . . . he got on ebay and scouted out this beauty that matches our antique silver pattern!  I am so excited about using this at the wedding and eating cake too!  

Monday, September 22, 2008

this would be a wonderful time . . .

to leave a comment!

yep, I know there are LOTS of you out there stealthily reading my blog. That's great. I think it's quite flattering. I hear from my mom, friends, etc. that they talked to so and so who said they read my blog. Some of you I don't even know. (Hi Carsen's mom!) It makes me feel good that you'd want to read my blog. I understand not always wanting to comment. I don't comment on every post or blog I read.

If I may ask a favor though, will you all make my day extra special and leave a comment today?

It's getting close to go time on the wedding and I'm sooo happy, excited, overwhelmed with phone calls I should be making right now on my lunch break but don't really want to, tired, happy, happy, excited, happy . . . and all of that rolled into one!

Maybe you don't know what to say. No problem . . . I understand!

say "hi"

if you're married, tell me what was going on in your world and mind the weeks before your wedding

give me your best marriage advice

tell me your favorite part of attending a wedding

tell me how your day is going today . . .

I'm up for whatever!

Think it's too ambitious to see if we can make it to 50 comments today?

I'll bet it's not!

Let's get those comments rolling! Thank you in advance!! Kelly

p.s. what if you don't know how to leave a comment?

click on either "0 comments " (the number will change from 0 to hopefully 50 as the day goes on) or Post a Comment

If you already have a little blank box on your screen as you scroll down, type whatever you want in it, then click the orange button that says "publish your comment" Thank you! Have a great day! Kelly

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

out of the mouths of babes

I mentioned in the last post that my school shower is today. That fact was just being discussed with my first grade class today and when discussing what a shower is and how there are showers for weddings and for babies, one sweet little boy said, "A baby shower is when your friends come and you have a party and your baby is about to come in 20 minutes." How precious is that! 20 minutes! Hope everyone is having a great afternoon! Kelly

so much going on!

Life is really wonderful! We are so close to the wedding! So many fun things are happening!
Unfortunately Hurricane Ike displaced my family for a bit but we got to have my parents, my Aunt Kim, my brother and my nephew here for a long weekend! It was so much fun!
Sunday was our church shower and it was so much fun!
Today is my school shower!
I am just plugging away every day when I get home from school on wedding projects, phone calls, organization . . .
Last Thursday, in addition to my family, 8 girls came over and helped tie ribbons, make labels, clean jars, make bow bouquets, etc., etc., etc. It was so much fun and got me so energized! I am soo thankful for their assistance as well as that of my family while they were here.
Remember my wondering whether to do the napkins? Well, I decided not to but today heard about this etsy seller. Really cool! Had I known sooner I might have done it.
One more thing on the personal shopping topic: If anyone sees a GREAT, comfy, super cute dress preferably in orange or maybe robin's egg for me to wear to the rehearsal/social, let me know where you saw it! Thanks! Kelly

Friday, September 12, 2008

more link love!

More link love a little belated! Honeymoon related. :) Thanks, Emma! Kelly

Thursday, September 11, 2008

ahh . . .

I found these!

to put here!  

So exciting!  


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

personal shopping

I'm starting to think about packing for the honeymoon.  We don't want to be paying a billion dollars just for our luggage (grrrr . . .)  and we're trying to each take a carry-on piece of actual luggage.  So . . . I need a purse that qualifies as a personal item and yet is still a bit larger than my normal purse to take on the plane.  Anyone seen anything cute in the stores for cheap?  I'm not up for spending a lot of time shopping for this.  Thanks!  Kelly

more about programs

Okey dokey, so I'm doing a little lunch break research and I saw the photo here (third photo down, I also love the look of the first photo but it is not about programs!) of programs displayed on the backs of the chairs. Could there be a way for me to solve my chair decor dilemma with the programs?? I was already thinking of laying the programs out on the chairs ahead of time. I really like the ideas that y'all have given me for chair decor, especially using ribbon as i heart ribbon! My only thought is that chair decor is something that can't really be done ahead and would be time intensive day of which is the only time we've got to decorate. There is a Homecoming Dance in our venue the night before. hmm . . .

Check out these programs with the beautiful copper ribbon bows! I really like the look of those!

Now here's another idea. Look at those fun colorful pockets and then the programs could just be on plain paper and slipped inside. hmm . . .

And finally, nothing to do with programs but check out these super adorable cookies!!! Have a good afternoon everyone! Kelly

Project Du Jour: Programs

Today's project is to try to get as much done on the programs as possible before leaving for Bible study tonight. This entails not only design aspects but finalizing the order of the ceremony, music, etc. So . . . in order to "hit the ground running" after school I'd love to know . . .

- what did you love about your own wedding program?
- what do you wish you'd done differently?
- song suggestions for Prelude/Seating and Ceremony
- pics or links to programs that look really cool :)
- what info do you like a program to contain?
- any other talk about programs

Thanks! My blog readers are the greatest! Kelly

cheap candles

The place where I was planning to order ten hour white votive candles in plain round clear glass holders wanted $104 for shipping.  You have GOT to be kidding me.  Looked on amazon, etc. and it seems that candles are just heavy and therefore expensive to ship.  Help me out!  Anyone know of a cheap place to get a bunch of ten hour white votives in plain round clear glass holders?  Especially if it's local and I can pick them up rather than pay shipping?  Thank you!!! Kelly

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

blog friend

One of my "blog friends", Julie, mentioned me today! So nice! So fun! Kelly

Friday, September 5, 2008

neat thing

Twice this week I have talked with vendors who have the same wedding date as me!  One is getting married on the same day that I am this year in New York and one will have been married 20 years on our wedding day this year!  I just think this is really neat.  

Remember if you leave a comment that I'm not actually sharing the actual wedding date out here on the web for the whole world who I may or may not know is reading.  Thanks!  Kelly

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Tex

The Texas State Fair is coming up!

My friend Katie posted about the fried food finalists here.

Check it out!

She also entered and placed in contests herself. Go Katie!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the letter R

My friend Jenni made the neatest thing for Adrian and I. I was going to post about it but she beat me to it. You can see it here. Thank you, Jenni! Kelly