Monday, September 22, 2008

this would be a wonderful time . . .

to leave a comment!

yep, I know there are LOTS of you out there stealthily reading my blog. That's great. I think it's quite flattering. I hear from my mom, friends, etc. that they talked to so and so who said they read my blog. Some of you I don't even know. (Hi Carsen's mom!) It makes me feel good that you'd want to read my blog. I understand not always wanting to comment. I don't comment on every post or blog I read.

If I may ask a favor though, will you all make my day extra special and leave a comment today?

It's getting close to go time on the wedding and I'm sooo happy, excited, overwhelmed with phone calls I should be making right now on my lunch break but don't really want to, tired, happy, happy, excited, happy . . . and all of that rolled into one!

Maybe you don't know what to say. No problem . . . I understand!

say "hi"

if you're married, tell me what was going on in your world and mind the weeks before your wedding

give me your best marriage advice

tell me your favorite part of attending a wedding

tell me how your day is going today . . .

I'm up for whatever!

Think it's too ambitious to see if we can make it to 50 comments today?

I'll bet it's not!

Let's get those comments rolling! Thank you in advance!! Kelly

p.s. what if you don't know how to leave a comment?

click on either "0 comments " (the number will change from 0 to hopefully 50 as the day goes on) or Post a Comment

If you already have a little blank box on your screen as you scroll down, type whatever you want in it, then click the orange button that says "publish your comment" Thank you! Have a great day! Kelly


rdh97j said...

Hey Kelly- I am making my blogstalker status known. I found your blog through Jeremy's and I have enjoyed all of the decorating ideas you have given me! My wedding advice would be to not forget A's ring because I forgot Ben's ring and had to delay the ceremony to have someone go get it! Have a wonderful day!
-Rachel Crain

Amy Porter said...

I enjoy reading your blog...and I admit I am not the best commenter! But, I do always read it! I am excited for you that your big day is almost here! My advice is to just soak it all in. Take the time to talk to as many people as you can at the reception b/c they are all there FOR YOU! It will all be a blur to you probably (the reception, that is) FLIES by, so saver every moment and just relax and have fun!! It is YOUR DAY!!

Jenni said...

Kel -- hope you are having a fantastic afternoon and that you found the push to get your phone calls made at lunch!!

(I can't even believe it is less than 2 weeks away!!!)

Anonymous said...

Kelly -

I love the blog and all that you're sharing about the plans for your wedding!!! As others have said, it all goes by so fast, do stop on your day and just look around. And do that several times - before you go down the aisle, at the reception, before you leave. It truly is amazing to see how many people love you and want the absolute best for you.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your wedding!! Monica

Mod Girl said...


A few weeks before my wedding I was writing thank you notes... during every. spare. moment!

Marriage advice... make it one of your ambitions to be at home (and not on the phone) when Adrian arrives home from work. Men love to have a welcoming committee when they get home and this is a simple way that you can bless him

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

hey, kelly! it's been a while! i'm sorry i don't leave comments more. i had kind of stopped reading wedding blogs and i've been reading more newlywed blogs! :)

a few weeks before the wedding i was making my timeline on Excel and getting everything organized in boxes and containers to take with us that day. i think being organized at this time will help you relax and be able to just go as you wish in the DAYS leading up to the wedding.

Deborah said...

AWWW! I would love to leave a comment. Here it is:

I get to see you in just a matter of days!!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Honestly, I don't remember what my feelings were shortly before my wedding day (10 1/2 years ago!!). Hey, wait--you lived with me then. Maybe YOU can recall how I was feeling!

Praying for you, my friend. Cannot WAIT to hug you!

Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

I know that you know I read your blog but wanted to brighten up your day nonetheless! I'm sure you are starting to feel the pressure of getting everything done in time...but the only detail that matters is that he's at the other end of the aisle!! Best wishes to you guys!

Katie said...

Hey Kelly--I love hearing the updates about wedding planning--I know your day will be so special, and even though I can't be there, I'll be praying for you!

Tiffany said...

I hope you accomplished all you wanted to today! It's so close!

shack said...

Hi Kelly! I stumbled across your blog somehow a few months ago and have loved your great ideas for decorating and do it well. I am a 97 Harding alumni and was linked here somehow-love that about a blog.

I have been married for 9.5years and must say that each year gets better and better! Make Christ the center and the rest falls into place. Kiss each other goodnight (and goodmorning). Get an anniversary book and capture the "year in review" because I hate trying to "think back" and piece together how we spent each anniversary...they go by fast. I didn't have one of these books, but I have seen them. Something fun to create for the two of you.

My favorite part of a wedding is the wedding cake and watching the bride walk down the aisle! I am sure you will be stunning! Best of luck and have a blst- all the planning but don't forget to enjoy each moment around the event!
God Bless...Wendy Shackelford Leonard

Jacquie said...

Ok there are so many parts of a wedding that are my favorite. But I would say the top 2 are:
1. Watching the growing up video.
2. Seeing what song they pick to walk out to. (So pick a good one :) ).

Donna said...

Hi Kelly - this is Donna Wright. We used to be members at PRCC and I linked here from Jenni. It's been fun to see your "work in progress" and how you put things together. I'm sure your day is going to be absolutely fabulous!
When I married, we had dated long distance the entire time and when we left the wedding, I was leaving my hometown. I was busy with wedding plans, moving, new job to get ready for,etc. The wedding was only regret is that we didn't walk slower than we did going down the aisle. I was able to look at the audience and make eye contact and take "mental pictures" that are still with me today. I loved the music/singing/etc. I had so much fun! Enjoy your day and don't stress about little things. You are going to be married no matter what and you will be surrounded by people who love you and are there to share your joy! It's your day...bask in it!

DARLA said...

Kelly! I thought about you all day today, I wasn't sure why! Now I know, it was because you were happy, stressed, happy, busy, happy, and...happy! :) What a fun time it is right now for you, my days before the wedding were filled with those last-minute details that couldn't be done til then...My one piece of advice would be to ENJOY every moment, every little detail, every person. Don't let the stress get to you, this time is one you will look back to with such bittersweet nostalgia...enjoy it so that your memories are nothing but good. And as they say, don't sweat the small stuff! If anything doesn't go exactly according to YOUR plan, just remember that you will laugh about it later...and possibly realize it was according to HIS plan. Love you girl, can't wait to see your beautiful self soon. AND, the offer still stands, I'm ready to help at the drop of a hat. :)

Allyson said...

Here's comment #16. :)

Karen said...

What a great idea! I love reading your blog, but I have to admit I love reading the comments almost as much. Maybe it's because I love hearing people compliment my "little girl". My favorite part of the wedding is the kiss. Do you suppose that could be because your dad and I forgot to kiss at our wedding ceremony? We have made up for that since. Love you and can't wait for the big day!
Oh, yes, I think one of my favorite parts of your wedding is going to be getting to aquaint myself or reaquaint myself with so many of your special friends.

jennyc said...

I hope your day was extra special today! As far as what I was thinking in the weeks before my wedding - excitement & amazement that this day was really going to happen. It felt so surreal. Jack and I went on a "regular" date the weekend before our wedding and didn't talk about the wedding once. It is still a great memory. On the actual day - just take lots of deep breaths and drink in the joy of your special day! Can't wait to celebrate with you!!!

Kathryn said...

Hi, Kelly... found you through fellow HU bloggers and have loved keeping up with your wedding planning! It's an exciting time!!

Thinking back, my favorite part of our wedding was the quiet moment after my bridesmaids had gone down the aisle, and it was just me, waiting to meet my dad and walk down to Rob. It was emotional and peaceful, all at the same time.

Hope you are having a great day!

jessica lynn said...

yay for comments! i hope that you reach your goal today!! 4 days left as a bride to be for me!!

Amy L said...

Hi! I have so many favorite memories - I can't pick one!

1. Walking down the aisle - the moment the doors opened, walking with my dad, seeing Robert waiting for me.

2. During the ceremony, Jim had us turn around and look out at the audience. It was amazing to remember that we were surrounded by so many people who love us.

3. Our first dance - I was afraid I'd feel self conscious, but we were so focused on each other that I almost forgot anyone else was there.

4. Dancing with my dad.

You're going to have a wonderful day! It really does fly by, so try to enjoy every moment.

Ashley said...

I was just so so so excited to go on a week trip with my beloved. No "curfew" no having to say goodbye. And I was excited about vegging on the beach and getting tan, too. Have a wonderful wedding/honeymoon. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Sandi said...

Hi, Kelly -- just reading this today -- hope comments today will brighten your day, too! The biggest thing I remember from the days before my wedding were details, details, details swirling around in my head, and the moment we left for the honeymoon, my mind didn't know what to do! It was sooo nice to leave things behind and to just focus on each other.

My biggest piece of advice for the wedding, though, is to keep Cliff Richter away from a vacuum and tulled columns -- you'll have to ask Betty about it. :)

Blessings to you!!! Enjoy every minute and don't get so engrossed in the planning that you don't take moments for just you and Adrian.

Chad Gardner said...

Hey Kelly, It's Chad! I've been flying below the radar for a few months now. I read a lot of blogs (mainly friends from HU) but I rarely take the time to comment. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Hop on over to my blog for my daily updates of randomness. See 'ya! Chad

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly - It is Julie M. I admit that I have been lurking on your site. :-)

Leading up to our wedding, I got really stressed out about the details of the day - but it turned out to be a fantastic day and I want to do it all over again! Just enjoy this time, it all works out in the end and it goes by too fast.

Cary/Ashley said...

Yea...halfway to 50!!
Advice for wedding: Don't dwell on little things that go wrong.
With sooo many details that go into a wedding there are bound to be things that don't go exactly according to plan. Don't sweat the small stuff!:) Remember at the end of the day you're still married to Adrian!:)

BR said...

Woo Hoo! Three cheers for the blog comments! Thanks for making me one of your many phone calls today - we LOVED your message! Sandi - it sure made us laugh to remember your wedding day column/tulle/vacuum mini-disaster! Oh my! cliff and I will never forget that day!! :) Ha! And I had JUST written to kelly and asked her if guys and girls were decorating or if it was just for girls!!

mindy said...

Hi Kelly! Sounds like you're haivng fun with all of the wedding details. My advise is, have fun planning now, but on the wedding day, relax and enjoy, of something doesn't happen just like you planned, it okay, just have lots of fun with friends, family, and your brand new husband:)

twarpula said...

Kelly- what fun! leave a comment day!
Advise for the wedding day: I would say get with your photographer before the wedding and give him/her list of shots that are really important to you. We love our pictures & got the package we really wanted, but we never had him take ones of our entire family together. They had all traveled so far and we did not have any with Rick's siblings & kids etc.. We look back now and wish we had that.
Enjoy your speical day and don't forget to eat! ha!!
-Tanya :)
PS we're so happy for you both!!

Mallory and Kenny said...

Yes I too am a blogstalker. Just thought I would say hi! Hope the wedding is everything you ever hoped it would be!

Mallory and Kenny said...
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Lisa said...

I have no doubt that your special day will bring memories you treasure. And if you do happen to forget the ring, just fake it and grab the ring after the ceremony. A friend of mine did so, and no one was the wiser. And, don't stress too much in the time you have left. It's going to be beautiful!

Rebekka said...

Hi Kelly!!! I like reading your blog and seeing what's going on with you and A! I've been spending some time with "D", but sometimes he just confuses me...ugh!
Have a great day,

Kelly and Brad said...

Thanks for your note! I'm so happy you are getting married!!! God is soooo good!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I did come out here and I am leaving a comment.....Go Steelers!


Anonymous said...

I am soooo excited for your special day! You have put so much thought into every detail, I can't wait to see it all come together.

The few days before my wedding are a blur of family arriving, and last minute details. I wish I could say I packed for the honeymoon in advance, but I got co caught up in wedding stuff I forgot to pack. I was up until about 2a.m. packing, and I was so aired after that, it took me another hour to fall asleep. (That's my first piece of advice...start packing early).

The next bit of advice is to start gathering all the items you will need for the big day into a bag several days ahead...more day to think of EVERYTHING you will need.

Finally, love IS ALL you need.

Blessings to you both!

Julie P.

Ashlyn Donatelli said...

You're so sweet! Thanks for the sweet comments. it was fun to return from the honeymoon and find your nice notes. i'm excited for you with all the upcoming blessings! Enjoy it. went so fast :)blessings! ashlyn

Anonymous said...

Hey sweet girl. I'm behind on blog reading. Let's see...even though I really do have a good memory, much of the wedding details are a blur which is odd for me. But thankfully I have special things imaged in my mind..seeing Steve from the back of the very long aisle which I loved, facing the crowd (a speciality my dad does in all weddings if the venue allows and the groom and bride are up for it), and running through the sea of bubbles leaving our reception! Advice: Having celebrated our 5 years Saturday, just pick a little something to do each year that day. Ours is looking through our wedding album. Nothing spectacular but special to us.

Oh and one last thing. Timing is so cool. I LOVE how Sunday's sermon was about a wedding! Pretty special.

Love y'all and can't wait til this weekend,

Renae Cates

Lana said...

Congratulations on your wedding, Kelly! God bless you in the final days. Relax, breathe, and enjoy every minute of your special day!

Alissa said...

I am commenting here (as requested) to help you make your fifty, but also to wish you a very happy wedding day! I so wish I could be there with all of you on your special day! Please know I have already been praying this morning and will continue to do so all day. I love you and can't wait to hear how it all goes!


ps. I'm still working on your present. . . I hope to get it in the mail soon!

MM said...

I'm a little late in commenting, but I was thinking of you guys today since it's THE DAY!! Hope it all went well and everything was picture perfect! We are so happy for you both!