Wednesday, September 10, 2008

cheap candles

The place where I was planning to order ten hour white votive candles in plain round clear glass holders wanted $104 for shipping.  You have GOT to be kidding me.  Looked on amazon, etc. and it seems that candles are just heavy and therefore expensive to ship.  Help me out!  Anyone know of a cheap place to get a bunch of ten hour white votives in plain round clear glass holders?  Especially if it's local and I can pick them up rather than pay shipping?  Thank you!!! Kelly


Amy L said...

What about Ikea?

jennyc said...

Have you tried Garden Ridge?

Erica said...

Michaels has boxes of 6 long burn votives for $7.99. However the glass is frosted and has an etching on it. They're gorgeous. And the 40% off coupon is great! (Joanns works too!)