Friday, August 2, 2019


We have certainly been taking the adventures 
that are falling to us . . . 

birthday lunches and park playdates 
with friends visiting from out of town

work trips and double dates

sleepovers, breakfast dates, mudpie making and phone calls

library lunch, playdates, scooter riding, 
watching webinars about homeschooling for the 
coming school year and spontaneous Thai dinners with friends!  

curriculum pick up, Moms in Prayer summer edition

summer finale Nana camps, food trucks 

early to bed nights, early morning bike rides to the grocery store 

last meeting of book club with some of our homeschool buddies, climbing trees, reading books 

rain storms, dinners at friends' houses and Junk Fest

We have had a blast, are tired and happy and thankful . . . 

and the house is a mess and details have been left unattended to so this afternoon it has felt so, so very good to tend my home and garden.  

Homemaking is not a very popular word any more but there is truly nothing I would rather do than have the privilege of helping to shape a home where myself and three other precious to me people get to live out our days, discover our dreams, grow into who we are to be . . . 

"Home. Cozy, pillows on a couch, blankets and a dog. Everyone who should be here is here. There’s a comfortable familiarity between us and I don’t have to figure out how to be. It’s a feeling that I’m not in a hurry or that I don’t have to be somewhere else. Home is what I come back to, not what I go out to. It’s the reset button, the safety net, the place where I know I can be my “self” just as I am and the people in my home will love and support me, will help me, will soothe me." - Julie Bogart, the Homeschool Alliance

and so I am delighting in an afternoon slow enough to both notice and take a photo of our tomatoes' progress

an afternoon when I know we are all done going out for the day, we will stay here and be home through dinner and going to bed and waking up again and we don't have to be anywhere tomorrow morning.  

feeling the satisfaction of getting the dishwasher and washing machine going, changing over laundry, putting in a second load . . . even if I don't further organize the things I've been gathering up (in a WAY outdated tub!) for school this year

reading books to this cutie pie!  

These are both excellent by the way!  

beginning to get books loaded into our library crate 
to be out of our house and go back

enjoying the glimpses of organization and order that Cora has imposed of her own volition

 having time to notice and not just rush on to the next thing, that the plant with the yellowing leaves needs some attention and so does the laundry on the floor . . . 

appreciating the normal things

even if the picking up isn't perfect, 
being grateful for a cleaner floor

noticing colors and patterns and texture 
amidst the mundane messes

relishing walking out the door besides for the purpose of leaving the house

seeing that our pumpkin vine is beginning to flower 
and also seeing everything else

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some "home time" in the coming days.  You deserve it.  Your people deserve it.  What is one of your favorite things about being home?