Sunday, October 30, 2016

this week

sparkly wand making for my little Halloween princess

putting flowers into the new niche in the bathroom for the first time!  One of my very favorite parts of the remodel

our breakfast book stack

We are enjoying beginning our days with a feast of words, a Bible story/devotional thought, a short poem or two (they are begging for these now which is really fun to me since I haven't been much of a poetry person before), a hymn that I sing to them and a line from the Anne of Green Gables daybook . . . some words that fit the season . . . 

On Tuesday David and I took advantage of free breakfast at Chickfila day and did our All About Reading there while we ate breakfast and he also enjoyed the storytime and coordinating craft as well as some good exercise in the play area.  

the bathtub got refinished!!!  Goodbye 60 year old porcelain that was so hard to clean!

It finally rained!  We haven't had rain in the longest time and usually we get our first snow in October but unless it happens tomorrow (which is not predicted) then it's not happening this year.  

some beautiful fall shots from a morning walk I took

thankful for our flexible schedules which let me get out and walk before the kids were up and before Adrian left to work

carving pumpkins per the kids request!  

yay for huge pumpkins from Wal-mart for only $3.88!

Our Italian friend who is visiting got in on the action and helped Cora with hers.  The kids LOVE lighting them up!  

roasted pumpkin seeds!  

geoboard Halloween math inspired by Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

practicing analog time

tally marks and number sentences

On Friday we did school in a fun and different way.  I made a list of several things, some of them Halloween related crafts/activities/math etc. and some our regular subjects, some part of our morning work (laundry, etc.), books to read, snacks to eat, outdoor experiences, etc. and the kids and I rolled dice and added up all of the numbers on them to see which item on the list we landed on and then we would do that thing.  It added a lot of interest and novelty to our day.  

These are the things I know I will forget if I do not write them down as I have already forgotten so much that we did just last year. 

Hope your week has been good as well!  


Saturday, October 29, 2016

the family that bikes together . . .

This is our preferred method of transportation these days!  We absolutely love it.  

photo credit:  my sil Mandy


Monday, October 3, 2016

Miss Priss

What I want to remember about these days:

Sometimes a messy bun is all one can muster on preschool mornings when a girly wakes up with super tangled hair and it would take more time than we've got to comb it all out!  At least it looks adorable on her with that bow!

When you go to pick up the same girly at preschool and she immediately says "I'm hungry!" and you were planning on another errand or two before heading home, you go to Trader Joe's first where you can get a sample of food and drink and the kids can search for Grace the giraffe and you practice good sentence construction to throw some extra education into the day . . . "Where are you going to tell them you found Grace?" . . . "in the herbs?  How about 'Grace was hiding in the herb section."  and then  you also leave with a lollipop for everyone before heading to Lowe's to pick up tile for the bathroom remodel.  

These are good, sweet days!  


Sunday, October 2, 2016

a walk in the woods

Sunday, October 2nd we took a drive up into the hills to see the aspens beginning to show off.  Adrian's parents were in town and we all enjoyed the time outside.  

a rope climb up to the peak

gorgeous golden yellows through the green 

We have missed a lot of the colors the past two years since we have traveled in the fall and I just can't get enough of them this year!  

my little explorer

so thankful for a family who loves each other

little hikers