Monday, October 3, 2016

Miss Priss

What I want to remember about these days:

Sometimes a messy bun is all one can muster on preschool mornings when a girly wakes up with super tangled hair and it would take more time than we've got to comb it all out!  At least it looks adorable on her with that bow!

When you go to pick up the same girly at preschool and she immediately says "I'm hungry!" and you were planning on another errand or two before heading home, you go to Trader Joe's first where you can get a sample of food and drink and the kids can search for Grace the giraffe and you practice good sentence construction to throw some extra education into the day . . . "Where are you going to tell them you found Grace?" . . . "in the herbs?  How about 'Grace was hiding in the herb section."  and then  you also leave with a lollipop for everyone before heading to Lowe's to pick up tile for the bathroom remodel.  

These are good, sweet days!  



the Whitelaws said...

How is the bathroom remodel coming along? You must post before/during/after pictures!

Melissa said...

Sweet Cora! Love it all! Finding Grace is always a highlight for my littles, too.

Mandy said...

she's adorable!