Tuesday, May 31, 2011

happy summertime travel season!

Do you have any road trips planned for this summer?

Have you ever been to New Jersey?

What's fun to do there?


Monday, May 30, 2011

happy birthday, Mom!

You can't even see my mom's face in this photo but it is one of my favorite photos that reminds me of her. I handed my bouquet off to her at my wedding and I love this shot that our photographer got! Thanks, Rachel!

Mom, I hope you have a very, very happy birthday!!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

moving day!

We got to close on our house!!!

We have a house.

Today is moving day.

Adrian took this photo on the night of closing when we ordered pizza and ate dinner at the new house at this table that the sellers left for us. We enjoyed our sun porch and the calm before the storm.

Better get busy . . .


Friday, May 27, 2011

Colorado Springs Streets - A-Z {Academy} part one

You all guessed right! We're starting with Academy.

Academy Blvd. is named for the Air Force Academy that is here in Colorado Springs.

It is quite a long street and therefore this "tour" of Academy will be broken up into a few parts.

Do you see the Goodwill peaking out in the photo above? Unfortunately Goodwill here seems to be *way* overpriced. I saw a basket there for $60!!

I prefer the Arc thrift store but that is on another "A" street, Austin Bluffs.

I began my exploration of Academy at the north end and worked my way south.

I did not know that Carmike Cinemas were a chain. Every time I see this sign I am transported back to my college days because the Carmike in North Little Rock and the Chili's nearby were pretty standard date night or girls' night fare during those years. Adrian and I do not tend to see many movies so we'll see how long it takes us to make it here. I am pretty sure there is an IMAX in town but I'm not sure of what all our movie options are yet.
In Dallas I had a Dollar Tree very close and it is handy for solid color plates and napkins, holiday stuff occasionally, ribbon (a lot of the ribbon for our wedding came from Dollar Tree), etc. Even pregnancy tests actually! The first test I took when I was pregnant with David was from Dollar Tree but I wasn't sure whether or not to believe it. Turns out it was right.

There is actually a new Dollar Tree open very close to our new house but it is good to know this one is here too.

I am not one to frequent IHOPs. I much prefer the Original Pancake House and thankfully there is one just an hour away in case we really need our fix (we used to drive 20 minutes in Dallas so what's another 40?). At the same time though IHOP's new cinn-a-stack pancakes and their chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream could possibly lure me in. Where pancakes are concerned you've just got to keep your options open, right?

Anyone ever been to Good Times? I have not. We do like custard. There is also a Culver's down the street and we do know that we like them but with a name like Good Times perhaps we should check this place out too. What do you think?

Gotta know where all of the Chick-fil-A's are!

I actually haven't eaten here is soo long! Almost everything on their menu includes dairy & egg so it's been out for us as we eat with food allergies in mind. Speaking of food allergies though, here is a little update: David is thankfully *not* allergic to wheat! Eggs are still somewhat suspect but we're thinking he might not be allergic to those but he is definitely allergic to milk. Still, this is so much easier to deal with than all three which is where we started.

*And* he is also weaned so mama can now eat whatever she wants. :)

Chipotle doesn't quite compare to Freebirds but I do like their rice and if I get a vegetarian burrito I find it pretty good. Bluebell came to Colorado though so maybe Freebirds can be next. I think everyone here would really like it. They love barbecue around these parts it seems and Freebirds burrito with barbecue sauce . . . um yum!

Here was my teaser picture. We really like Thai Food and we love basil so this place should surely be good, right?

I am excited to try this place out. Have any of you been here? Is it any good?

I like the Hu Hot signs. They are fun to me. We've been here once so far. As Mongolian Grills tend to be, it was a little pricey in my opinion. I might go again sometime at lunch.

You can see Barnes & Noble peaking out of the trees. Very Colorado looking, right?

I have already been here. I wanted to buy a paper street map. Why would I need one when I have maps on my iphone? I don't know exactly except that I just wanted one. I wanted to be able to unfold a map and spread it on the table and get a good overview and see the whole geography.

We've been to Whole Foods a couple times already. Once was to get yummy salami, prosciutto, etc. for a Mother's Day picnic in the park. It was a lot of fun. If you're familiar with Natural Grocers (which is also on Academy, basically across the street), Sunflower Market (which is also on Academy just a little further south) and Whole Foods, how would you compare them? I have been into Sunflower Market a couple of times quickly and have not yet been to Natural Grocers.

I thought this car was fun that I saw as I drove through parking lots stopping to take photos through my car windows with my little point and shoot.

Chapel Hills Mall is one of two malls in town. It seems fairly quiet. We are shopping for a new couch and I asked the man at Dillards if they have furniture. He looked at me like I had three heads and said he's been told that only their New York City store has furniture. Our suburban mall in Dallas had furniture but maybe they are phasing furniture out or something. Who knows. I called Denver too and they don't have furniture. hmmm . . .

On Academy there is also a Michaels (very important), Steinmart, and Ross that I didn't get a good photo of. I have traditionally preferred Marshall's or TJMaxx over Ross but I have discovered something new and wonderful. Have you ever noticed how the Ross shopping carts have those long poles to prevent you from taking them out of the store? David *loves* to hold onto it and shake it and is generally entertained by it while riding in the cart which definitely buys mama a little more shopping time. Also, there is an older man who works at the door and always greets us so nicely when we come in and talks to David so that has won me over too.

Also not pictured is Pei Wei which I have found to be one of *the* most kid friendly restaurants. They will bring your high chair to you so you are not trying to schlep your baby on your hip, diaper bag, etc. while dragging an unwieldy high chair across the floor and in between tables and they are always extremely gracious about any mess. I have always liked them for their food but they have gone even further up my list. Plus it is super easy to eat there with a milk allergy! Yea!

Another not pictured is Five Guys that I went to for the first time the other night. I liked the burger but missed what all the hype is about the fries. They do have malt vinegar for you to dip your fries into though which is a definite plus.

Nearby also is Noodles and Co. I was happy to be reunited with them! They used to have locations in Dallas many years ago but they have all closed. In my single days their mac and cheese with broccoli and chicken added was a favorite dinner splurge. I am excited to have their mac and cheese again soon. Being able to eat dairy again is wonderful! I definitely think I appreciate it more.

And finally for this leg of the tour, Burger King. They are worth a mention for their frozen cokes. My mom and I have sort of been addicted to getting them lately. My sweet dad has gone out to bring them back for us more than once.

More on Academy to come later and if you know anything about Academy Blvd. in Colorado Springs, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Colorado Springs Streets - A-Z

As a way of getting to know my new town I have decided to try to "tour" a street for each letter of the alphabet. I will do a longer post coming up but I thought since I think I have a few local readers now (hi Mom and Dad, Jer & Mandy, Meredith and Sara) and at least one or two readers who used to be locals (hi Ashley & Kelly) that I would put up this photo and see if you can guess the street I'm starting with. No fair guessing if you are family and you already heard me tell the answer though.

What Colorado Springs street is this restaurant on?

And . . . have you ever been here? Is it good?

I have not yet been here but it looks worth a try.


Monday, May 23, 2011


This kid just has all of our hearts captured. We love him. He is so sweet and is learning, growing and changing so much right now.

I wanted to be sure and document what words he is saying right now as I'm sure in a month it will be so many that I cannot even begin to list them all.

David's words are:

"Ducca" (that is the name that my nephew gave grandpa).
Na - for light
Nah-Nah - for food
vroom - for a car or other vehicle
rocking - for rocking in a rocking chair
grrrr - for tigers, lions, etc.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

garage sale notes from today

My garage sale notes from today:

Canterbury - 8:00-2:00 - rototiller,pressure washer,rustic dish cupboard,desk,craft supplies,scrapbooking supplies,Hens & Chicks plants, **Serving Serranos coffee!**
W. Colorado Ave. - 9:00 am til 3:30 or ? flea market
Haverhill - Pinecliff Community Sale - this one - Hand sewn quilts, crafts, fabric, vintage Mickey Mouse phonograph player with records (works!), camping gear, children's books, card tables. Priced to sell!
lower gold camp - community wide 8-4
Delmonico - Yearly huge garage sale with Gold Hills homes in Rockrimmon - hammock, hanging kitchen pot rack, Ethan Allan hutch
Calico Pass Ct. - bookcase from Germany 8 a.m.

We skipped the Germany bookcase because it wasn't really in the vicinity of the others. (I clearly remember learning the word "vicinity" from reading a Nancy Drew book when I was young.)

We also skipped the Canterbury sale even though there were lots of fun sounding things about it because it was about 20 minutes north of my parents and everything else we wanted to do was south and west.

But . . .

I did get this!!!

Do you know what it is?

A parachute!

Don't worry, not a jumping out of a plane kind of parachute but a playing with kids kind of parachute!! I have been looking for one of these actually and found one one time at a garage sale in Dallas, in Highland Park and they wanted A LOT for it.

Today, 50 cents!!!

Did you play with these in gym class growing up?

I loved the days we did this. Way, way better than running laps or doing presidential physical fitness tests. The only other days that could compare were days when we did gymnastics or when Coach Durr set up a "haunted gym" and we got to do an obstacle coarse on scooters.

We also got free chicken wire today for the square foot garden we plan to plant (do any of you do square foot gardening?) and you can also see some of our finds from last week, the fire extinguisher and some wire.

All of last week's and this week's treasures were cleaned out of the car at the end of the day today and a lot of them are sitting in this fun wire basket that I got for $1 at our first sale of the day. The guy I asked about the price (it wasn't marked) threw out a dollar and then looked over at his mom and said, "Is that your favorite wire basket, Mom?" Somehow that exchange just made me giggle.

I got these old beauties at the flea market for only 50 cents for the trio! Score!!

The same place that gave us the chicken wire for free also gave away these magazines. I have figured out that Sunset is like the Southern Living of Colorado. We'll see if I can learn anything about this foreign western land I now find myself in.

The Haverhill sale was probably picked over by the time we got there but the two quilts that were there weren't quite the colors/patterns I was envisioning in my imagination of great garage sale finds. The Mickey Mouse phonograph was intriguing as I still have many of my records from childhood that I would love to share with David as he gets bigger but she wanted $50 for it. Her card tables were a great price though. Most were 25 cents with a few 50 cents and one $4. We didn't get any though.

And bummer, bummer, bummer, the hammock was already sold by the time we got to Delmonico. Adrian did get a bow saw at that sale though that is really well made and only a dollar!

What did you do today?


Friday, May 20, 2011


I took these photos late yesterday afternoon. Isn't this crazy? For late May?!

Also, I had mentioned in my last post that we would hopefully be closing on our new house yesterday. Didn't happen. :(

It was not a weather related delay but instead seems to be a bank delay. urrghhh

Everything is ready from our end and the seller's end but the bank is being less than efficient it seems. I am trying my best to be patient but we are oh so ready to be in our house and begin making it our own!

And I am so excited to begin sharing it with you!

I hope you have a great weekend!


p.s. should I put winter or spring in the label for this post?

Monday, May 16, 2011

lovely Saturday

Here are my notes for garage sales on Saturday after a little craigslist exploration.

Paint Brush - estate sale
Home Depot - Young Life Sale 8-6
Wahsatch - estate sale 9-5 lots of furniture
Sodbuster - 9-4 moving, snow blower, holiday, furniture, antiques & collectibles, lawn care and mower
Austin Bluffs - church sale, furniture 7-4 coffee
Doral Way - moving overseas, lots of furniture, weed eater, yard tools, vintage starwars, 8- ?
Espanola - shabby chic 8-3
Springridge - looks good! couch and matching chair?, low prices 8-3
Farragut - A Brit and Three Yanks estate sale 9-4 probably half price
Alta Loma - 8-6 furniture, push mower
Farnon - 8-3 vintage
Mesa & Glen - plant sale

We spent a grand total of $13 at the sales on Saturday and got a bunch of fun stuff - that globe you see above on the front porch of one of the old Victorians downtown for $1! One Dollar!, a window fan for Adrian to use in his shop at our new house, pegs and tool holders for pegboard that can be used in the shop or in the craft room (!), electrical wire thrown in for free, an extension cord, a power strip, a fully charged fire extinguisher, a modem for our new DSL for only $2.50 rather than the $4.95 a month leasing fee, the vintage Christmas tin that you see below that caught my eye at an estate sale but I was ready to pass up until I realized it was heavy and went back to investigate. It is full of sturdy, well worn old wooden clothespins. Everything was half off so the $3 price came down to $1.50.

In the morning we met up with my brother and two nephews and thankfully were able to score a filing cabinet for my sister-in-law who was working that day. After they headed home to get the little one a nap we went on and found we were ready for a snack. We checked out Dog Tooth Coffee. Two great cups of coffee, a breakfast burrito, a cherry almond scone and honeynut cheerios for the little guy and we were fueled up and ready to go again.

We drove to some new to us parts of town and enjoyed exploring, the sun beginning to come out and the scenery. We met an older lady in a wheel chair who told us how much she just loved babies. She enjoyed getting to hold David for a little while. A little farther on we found a spot where there were five sales within walking distance so out popped the stroller and away we went.

One of the sales was a moving sale of an empty nester couple. They were selling a lot of stuff. I looked through all of the really well made vintage clothing and took a chance on the dress below that I could only see over my jeans (and check out those total Colorado shoes, I've succumbed already it seems) and in the photo Adrian took on his iphone as there wasn't a mirror in the driveway "dressing room". I don't think it looks good with the jacket but without I think it will be pretty cute. I also got a lightweight vintage trench coat - Penney's made in Japan.

At the same sale I scored the "daily bread" box of scripture promises below. I look forward to sprinkling those scripture verses around our house. The woman at the sale told me it had been her mother's and was probably at least 50 years old.

I was also quite pleased with the miniature glass Christmas balls for 50 cents!

We didn't make it to the plant sale on Saturday but we went out on Sunday. It was a lot of fun even in the cold and damp. It was put on by the Horticultural Arts Society and they were very helpful in selecting plants.

Adrian took this photo of a flower growing in the gardens where the sale was held. Isn't it magnificent?

David was not at all sure of a man made of metal.

We had to get this plant for our new yard. Look at the name!

And finally, most of our haul. We are most likely closing on our new house on Thursday! We are very excited. We'll be busy moving in, getting settled and putting these beauties in the ground.

Oh, and I will leave you with a funny story. Right when we entered, a woman named Pam began helping us. She was so wonderful to listen to my many novice gardener questions and make wonderful suggestions. As we talked we were standing beside some mint plants. I was asking about them and wanting to get some because they smelled so wonderful. Later we were talking to Pam again, this time standing far away from the mint and I realized it was not the plants I was smelling but Pam's gum!

I had to laugh at myself for that.

Meredith, if you're reading this, at least it was better than the cinnamon gum at salsa dancing lessons. ah the memories.

I hope you all are having a good start to your week.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ten on ten - May 2011

I didn't feel much like taking pictures today.

Many of you already know but for those who don't, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after we moved here. The emotional, physical and mental upheaval of moving combined with the emotional, physical and mental trauma of dealing with this intruder into our lives has me in a place where I just don't really feel myself.

God is faithful and I am trusting in Him but that doesn't mean that it's easy to be sunny right now or to care as much about things that I usually do.

I decided to do a post with ten photos that have been taken since we moved to Colorado. Enjoy.

our moving truck before we began unloading

the "dungeon room" in the basement of a house we saw while house hunting

This is *not* the house we picked, don't worry!

What possesses someone to make a room like this do you think?

My little mister has taken to climbing up in the dishwasher to help Nana, Daddy or whoever else might be loading or unloading the dishwasher.

David on top of a mountain with his Daddy.

David and Nana playing "catch"

My little guy has learned to climb the stairs! It is so much fun to watch. Any advice on teaching him how to climb *down* the stairs safely would be much appreciated.

My kind brother-in-law was in town today and offered to take David on a hike and I could have an afternoon to myself. I stopped in at this shopping center for an ice cream cone at Maggie Moos, went couch shopping (didn't find one yet) and had a great chat with a friend on the phone.

I got this huge basket for only $3 a couple of weeks ago at a sale in someone's front yard. I think that most, if not all of the things they were selling had been props in a theater. I am excited to see where this basket lands and what it holds in our new house. I was giving it a good hosing down outside and thought that it looked pretty against the tree. I'm thinking of painting it. Color suggestions?

A fun photo that Adrian took of David and I on top of a mountain in our new (old) truck. It was taken with a film camera (remember those?) hence the coloring.

Look who is learning to stand on his own (and help around the house).
He loves vacuum cleaners.

If you don't have one of these swiffer vacuums, I highly recommend it. We were given ours as a wedding gift and I will forever be grateful.

photos three, four, nine and ten by Adrian

more ten on ten posts here


I love how kids this age don't necessarily play with each other, just near each other.

This is one of our special, special friends from Texas. Her mama and I got to tell each other we were pregnant at the same time and we had many a play date together. We miss you, sweet girl!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Tomorrow is Ten on Ten if you'd like to participate.


photo taken by Adrian in Alaska, summer 2010