Saturday, May 21, 2011

garage sale notes from today

My garage sale notes from today:

Canterbury - 8:00-2:00 - rototiller,pressure washer,rustic dish cupboard,desk,craft supplies,scrapbooking supplies,Hens & Chicks plants, **Serving Serranos coffee!**
W. Colorado Ave. - 9:00 am til 3:30 or ? flea market
Haverhill - Pinecliff Community Sale - this one - Hand sewn quilts, crafts, fabric, vintage Mickey Mouse phonograph player with records (works!), camping gear, children's books, card tables. Priced to sell!
lower gold camp - community wide 8-4
Delmonico - Yearly huge garage sale with Gold Hills homes in Rockrimmon - hammock, hanging kitchen pot rack, Ethan Allan hutch
Calico Pass Ct. - bookcase from Germany 8 a.m.

We skipped the Germany bookcase because it wasn't really in the vicinity of the others. (I clearly remember learning the word "vicinity" from reading a Nancy Drew book when I was young.)

We also skipped the Canterbury sale even though there were lots of fun sounding things about it because it was about 20 minutes north of my parents and everything else we wanted to do was south and west.

But . . .

I did get this!!!

Do you know what it is?

A parachute!

Don't worry, not a jumping out of a plane kind of parachute but a playing with kids kind of parachute!! I have been looking for one of these actually and found one one time at a garage sale in Dallas, in Highland Park and they wanted A LOT for it.

Today, 50 cents!!!

Did you play with these in gym class growing up?

I loved the days we did this. Way, way better than running laps or doing presidential physical fitness tests. The only other days that could compare were days when we did gymnastics or when Coach Durr set up a "haunted gym" and we got to do an obstacle coarse on scooters.

We also got free chicken wire today for the square foot garden we plan to plant (do any of you do square foot gardening?) and you can also see some of our finds from last week, the fire extinguisher and some wire.

All of last week's and this week's treasures were cleaned out of the car at the end of the day today and a lot of them are sitting in this fun wire basket that I got for $1 at our first sale of the day. The guy I asked about the price (it wasn't marked) threw out a dollar and then looked over at his mom and said, "Is that your favorite wire basket, Mom?" Somehow that exchange just made me giggle.

I got these old beauties at the flea market for only 50 cents for the trio! Score!!

The same place that gave us the chicken wire for free also gave away these magazines. I have figured out that Sunset is like the Southern Living of Colorado. We'll see if I can learn anything about this foreign western land I now find myself in.

The Haverhill sale was probably picked over by the time we got there but the two quilts that were there weren't quite the colors/patterns I was envisioning in my imagination of great garage sale finds. The Mickey Mouse phonograph was intriguing as I still have many of my records from childhood that I would love to share with David as he gets bigger but she wanted $50 for it. Her card tables were a great price though. Most were 25 cents with a few 50 cents and one $4. We didn't get any though.

And bummer, bummer, bummer, the hammock was already sold by the time we got to Delmonico. Adrian did get a bow saw at that sale though that is really well made and only a dollar!

What did you do today?



Jenni said...

Love the parachute! I remember that mostly from my time in Denver, I think.

I slept and lazed about watching DVR'd shows, then headed to Taste Addison (not something I need to do again) and watchedthe Mavs pull out game 3. Good day overall.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

My kids play with parachutes in PE...they're SO much fun. You scored on that find!

I love Sunset magazine. Not as much as Southern Living (I still get that one!) but Sunset is a good read and has some GREAT recipes. They're generally more low-cal and healthy than the SL recipes. :)