Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Colorado Springs Streets - A-Z

As a way of getting to know my new town I have decided to try to "tour" a street for each letter of the alphabet. I will do a longer post coming up but I thought since I think I have a few local readers now (hi Mom and Dad, Jer & Mandy, Meredith and Sara) and at least one or two readers who used to be locals (hi Ashley & Kelly) that I would put up this photo and see if you can guess the street I'm starting with. No fair guessing if you are family and you already heard me tell the answer though.

What Colorado Springs street is this restaurant on?

And . . . have you ever been here? Is it good?

I have not yet been here but it looks worth a try.



gail said...

academy? hi kelly! my cousin Erin gave me your blog address and said you recently moved to 'the springs'. we have lived here almost 4 years. please feel free to send me an email :) ~gail

Karen said...

No guess, but you know how I feel about Thai food!

Cary/Ashley said...

Academy ...?

the Whitelaws said...

Academy, I'm sure of it.

Dave and Judy said...
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Dave and Judy said...

cademy. Have not been to the restaurant myself, don;t care for the spicy Thai food, but our daughter lived there for a year and we have some other friends who live there now. Removed other post left out a word