Monday, May 16, 2011

lovely Saturday

Here are my notes for garage sales on Saturday after a little craigslist exploration.

Paint Brush - estate sale
Home Depot - Young Life Sale 8-6
Wahsatch - estate sale 9-5 lots of furniture
Sodbuster - 9-4 moving, snow blower, holiday, furniture, antiques & collectibles, lawn care and mower
Austin Bluffs - church sale, furniture 7-4 coffee
Doral Way - moving overseas, lots of furniture, weed eater, yard tools, vintage starwars, 8- ?
Espanola - shabby chic 8-3
Springridge - looks good! couch and matching chair?, low prices 8-3
Farragut - A Brit and Three Yanks estate sale 9-4 probably half price
Alta Loma - 8-6 furniture, push mower
Farnon - 8-3 vintage
Mesa & Glen - plant sale

We spent a grand total of $13 at the sales on Saturday and got a bunch of fun stuff - that globe you see above on the front porch of one of the old Victorians downtown for $1! One Dollar!, a window fan for Adrian to use in his shop at our new house, pegs and tool holders for pegboard that can be used in the shop or in the craft room (!), electrical wire thrown in for free, an extension cord, a power strip, a fully charged fire extinguisher, a modem for our new DSL for only $2.50 rather than the $4.95 a month leasing fee, the vintage Christmas tin that you see below that caught my eye at an estate sale but I was ready to pass up until I realized it was heavy and went back to investigate. It is full of sturdy, well worn old wooden clothespins. Everything was half off so the $3 price came down to $1.50.

In the morning we met up with my brother and two nephews and thankfully were able to score a filing cabinet for my sister-in-law who was working that day. After they headed home to get the little one a nap we went on and found we were ready for a snack. We checked out Dog Tooth Coffee. Two great cups of coffee, a breakfast burrito, a cherry almond scone and honeynut cheerios for the little guy and we were fueled up and ready to go again.

We drove to some new to us parts of town and enjoyed exploring, the sun beginning to come out and the scenery. We met an older lady in a wheel chair who told us how much she just loved babies. She enjoyed getting to hold David for a little while. A little farther on we found a spot where there were five sales within walking distance so out popped the stroller and away we went.

One of the sales was a moving sale of an empty nester couple. They were selling a lot of stuff. I looked through all of the really well made vintage clothing and took a chance on the dress below that I could only see over my jeans (and check out those total Colorado shoes, I've succumbed already it seems) and in the photo Adrian took on his iphone as there wasn't a mirror in the driveway "dressing room". I don't think it looks good with the jacket but without I think it will be pretty cute. I also got a lightweight vintage trench coat - Penney's made in Japan.

At the same sale I scored the "daily bread" box of scripture promises below. I look forward to sprinkling those scripture verses around our house. The woman at the sale told me it had been her mother's and was probably at least 50 years old.

I was also quite pleased with the miniature glass Christmas balls for 50 cents!

We didn't make it to the plant sale on Saturday but we went out on Sunday. It was a lot of fun even in the cold and damp. It was put on by the Horticultural Arts Society and they were very helpful in selecting plants.

Adrian took this photo of a flower growing in the gardens where the sale was held. Isn't it magnificent?

David was not at all sure of a man made of metal.

We had to get this plant for our new yard. Look at the name!

And finally, most of our haul. We are most likely closing on our new house on Thursday! We are very excited. We'll be busy moving in, getting settled and putting these beauties in the ground.

Oh, and I will leave you with a funny story. Right when we entered, a woman named Pam began helping us. She was so wonderful to listen to my many novice gardener questions and make wonderful suggestions. As we talked we were standing beside some mint plants. I was asking about them and wanting to get some because they smelled so wonderful. Later we were talking to Pam again, this time standing far away from the mint and I realized it was not the plants I was smelling but Pam's gum!

I had to laugh at myself for that.

Meredith, if you're reading this, at least it was better than the cinnamon gum at salsa dancing lessons. ah the memories.

I hope you all are having a good start to your week.



Leah said...

I am seriously drooling over your purchases! That globe is amazing and the Christmas tin. Wow! What treasures. And is that an old card catalog shelving unit in the background? That is SO awesome! What do you use it for?

Jenni said...

love seeing all your finds!! just wait until your Saturdays also include yard work! :-)

so good to talk to you last night. love you!!

Kori said...

Glad y'all had fun - I am so not into that! :-) James will go out and come home with some good kids' books - or call and ask about some kids books. Or to get canning jars. Otherwise I just stick to the consignment sales for kids clothes! Enjoy the chaos of moving again! My mother had one of those daily bread boxes, probably still does somewhere. :-)

Zach Shirley said...

Looks like you had a great time finding bargains. Sure, missed you this weekend at my shower. I'm about to post all about it. Glad that things are going well with the house and look forward to seeing pictures of it!


Deborah said...

Love this!! It is soooooo you, Kelly!

That picture of David looking at the "metal man" cracked me up! His expression is so "grown-up" looking.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hey Kelly...meant to tell you that my mom had a set of those "bread of life" scripture cards when I was growing up. I remember them VERY WELL! I'm 41 so yeah, they probably are fifty years old... wow! Cool find.

Tanya said...

Great finds and so much fun. Love the globe!

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