Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I learned in April

Today I am linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky

for What I Learned This Month.  

This is my first time to participate and I will admit that a couple of these things I learned last month but who's counting, right?  

the first one is my most recently acquired knowledge and that is that the flu is nothing to be messed with!  My family will be getting flu shots from here on out.  Someone(s) in our family has been sick since April 20th and wow it has really thrown us for a loop and knocked us out!  We are looking forward to being back to normal.

When I was nursing Cora and still eating dairy free I learned that liberally sprinkling dill weed on your baked potato is an excellent substitute for sour cream.  It still provides a zesty taste but without the dairy or if you're watching calories, as a much lower calorie option.  

This last one was a huge ah- ha for me!  I had no idea this existed.  During mom's night out one evening I learned that one of my friends is planning to do embryo adoption!  I am soo excited for her.

Have you ever heard of this?  

Basically, when a couple does IVF and doesn't use all of the embryos that have been fertilized then those embryos are frozen and/or donated for research or destroyed.  

A couple can choose to place those embryos up for adoption to another couple and that couple can then have the embryo implanted into the mom and the adoptive mom can carry and give birth to her adopted child.  How amazing is that?!  

I really love this option both for adoptive couples as well as the parents who want a different option for their frozen embryos.  

Another really neat fact I found out about embryo adoption is that it is the least expensive type of adoption currently.

So what about you, I would love to hear something you learned in April or what you think about one of the things I've learned.  


Monday, April 14, 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014

12 months old

Edited 9/11/15:  
For those of you coming over from Kelly's Korner blog, welcome!
I am happy to share a bit about our hip dysplasia/spica cast journey in these posts. 

Two pinterest boards I put together related to the cast:

Please also feel free to e-mail me at the link in the sidebar if I can help you with any questions you may have or just lend a listening ear.  

My sweet Cora is now 2 years 5 months old and we were just told that she no longer needs to wear the rhino brace that she has been sleeping in ever since she got out of her cast!  Her hips are looking really good. 

It was a very hard journey at the time but looking back, God has been so faithful and saw us through it all with magnificence!  


lots of eating going on this month!  

You really took off with solids this month - you love them.  

You've started smearing things around on your tray a lot.  Little stinker.  :) 

On March 18th we got your spica cast off!!!  

What a happy day!!!

You got a short leg cast instead but the next morning . . . 

You managed to wriggle yourself right out of it!!!

We had to go back in and get a longer leg cast - still it was WAY  better than the spica!  We are thankful!

You even fit in your regular high chair again!!

You got to go on a morning coffee date with Mama and her friends this month and you sat all big in your stroller enjoying your snacks while we chatted.  

We also went to the world water day party at Mrs. Mandy's house and you enjoyed so much being held by Gigi Elaine!

Sweet friends from church also gave us a gift certificate for Marco's Pizza and it was so nice to be able to go to a restaurant now because you could sit in a booster seat whereas in the spica cast you could only sit on our laps.  We all enjoyed a fun Friday night out for pizza!    

Mama and Daddy celebrated being married for 2000 days (!) and you did a great job staying with brother with some friends of ours so Mama and Daddy could go out.  

Our friend, Mrs. Julie, came and she helped Mama give you your first (and only) pedicure with your little toesies sticking out of your cast and took all of these pictures for us!

Finished!  Cutie toes and eyelet glued onto the cast!

We went on a library date with friends this month.  That was a lot of fun and you enjoyed hanging out with and being taken care of and read to by the girls.  

getting ready for your birthday party!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

happy birthday to Cora!

We woke up to TONS of snow this morning but we're having a happy birthday!