Saturday, March 8, 2014

10 days

Hopefully, we only have 10 days left of this cast.  

I am trying to prepare myself for the possibility that at our appt. on the 18th they will say that the x-rays don't look good enough for it to come off but honestly, if that happens it is going to be a huge blow!

We are all really, really ready.

I wake up in the mornings having dreamt about her crawling and rolling around and being so super happy doing it.  

We are so ready to cuddle her not trying to hug and snuggle around a huge, heavy, uncomfortable cast.

We are thankful, so very thankful that she can be treated and that this cast is making that possible but oh how ready we are to be done with it.

On the 18th we will hopefully/most likely get this spica cast off and also find out if the next step is a "long leg cast" or a brace and what either one of those entails.  We feel like we can only go up from here but neither of those will be a walk in the park either.

I needed a way to process today so I decided to look through photos so here you go . . . 

(these are not in order because I am not in the mood to fight with blogger)

These next photos were all taken 10 days before we found out that we were expecting David!

Our friend Betty and I on a hike in Sitka, Alaska

Soon to be Mama and Daddy

One of my very favorite places, Herring Cove

celebrating Betty's birthday!

This photo of Adrian with one of his nephews was taken 10 days before he came to Dallas to visit me for the first time when we were dating long distance.  Ironically it was also taken 6 years to the day before his daughter was born and 3 years to the day before another nephew was born.

we had been married 10 days and were still receiving wedding gifts in the mail!  Such fun!

This photo was taken 10 days before 2014.  

in this photo David was 10 days old!

This photo was taken 10 days before we moved away from Dallas at our wonderful church there AND the outfit on David's sweet little friend now has been handed down to Cora!

These Easter pictures were taken 10 days before David turned two years old.  

Okay, this is a stretch but I ran across this picture and it is so cute to me.  This was taken 10 days and 2 years before Cora was born.  :) 

This photo was taken the same day and that was also right before we moved to Colorado AND I get to see this sweet friend next to me in just 20 days!!  That is exciting!! 

These two photos were taken 10 days ago!

These two photos were taken 10 days before David's first birthday and 10 days before we found our house in Colorado!

It's funny looking at the moving van photo.  I can spy at least three things we don't own anymore, one that's been painted, etc.  :) 

Once again taken in Alaska, these photos were taken ten days before we would find out that this little boy was going to be a big brother!

10 days before his first haircut

10 days before our first married Christmas

So there you have it.  Major props if you actually made it this far.  This post was really for me to help me get some good perspective and have a way of reflecting.

I am thankful for a beautiful day today. 

I am thankful for sweet parents who baby-sat our kids so that Adrian and I could go on a little lunch date and try out a new spot for lunch as well as a new coffee shop.

I am thankful that both kids are asleep right now (just being honest).  :)

I am thankful that by now when I'm done writing this the day is done and now we only have 9 days left!  Single digits!!  Hallelujah!!  

I hope you've had a good day!  



rebecca said...

Seeing things laid out like this, I would say you should avoid going to Alaska if you don't plan to increase your family : )

You can come to Pittsburgh instead - that's safe!

Sharon Wang said...

Loved all the pics! My husband desperately wants to visit Alaska (maybe live there one day???) and has Grace excited about going. In fact, I was talking to her about airplanes just today and how they look so small in the sky, but are very big when you see one up close and she said, "When I go to Alaska with Daddy, I'm going to go on an airplane and a boat!"

Karen said...

Loved walking down memory lane. You amaze me. I'm doing good to remember what I was doing 10 minutes ago. Love you and yours.

Loved Rebecca's comment.

emily said...

I'm with your mom!! How in this WORLD do you know all that?!? Single digits, here you come!! Praying for God's sweet faithfulness whatever the outcome of your appointment. But selfishly, I'll be praying your days in that cast are DONE. Someday these cast pics will be encouraging you through another hard time, they'll encourage all of us, too-- He is just that good!! Blessings on you 4!!! Can't wait to hear what happens...

BR said...

What an awesome blogpost!!! Loved it! Can't wait to see you guys again and hug that cast-free Cora!!!!!!! Totally rockin photos! Need to see another picture of your welcome bunting hanging on your mantle from your wedding, totally cuter! You guys had such an awesome wedding! Love you all!!

Kelli said...

What a challenging season this has been. And yet, you have stayed so positive, and done what needed to be done for your daughter! No surprise there. Kelly, you are a great mama. I love that you chose to take a walk down memory lane to help your perspective, and what a wonderful lot of memories to share! Alaska is definitely on my list of want-to-go-to-there's.

Hang in there, girl! You can do it! xoxo

Melissa said...

You guys are amazing! You're an awesome mama, Kelly! Praying for the best news possible at that appointment!