Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ten on ten March 2014

flowers left over from the birthday dinner we hosted the night before
kept company by a little lamb from my Mama

I love when I see these trucks around town!  I love the colors and graphics.

Fresh new haircut

All by myself in the car!  Thanks, Mom!

Only 8 more days with the cast (7 now!)

This sweet girl is so ready!  She WANTS TO MOVE!!!

Brother likes to wear his jammies (preferably footie jammies) all day everyday.  They are warm he says.  Clothes are not warm he says.  I've stopped fighting the battle.

He likes to read with me and I like to read with him.


This sweetie *loved* her baked beans and pulled pork!  

And is just basically all around a charmer.  


Karen said...

In that last photo, is baby girl a flirt or what?

BR said...

Sweetest!!!! Love it!! That last pic was awesome! Great haircut!! We are pro jammies around our house too!

Jenni said...

Looks like it was a good day

Sharon Wang said...

Grace likes to wear her jammies, too. lol about the Sno-White trucks! We saw one recently and Grace asked me what kind of truck it was. I think something I read on the side made me think they deliver uniforms???