Monday, March 3, 2014

Cora - eleven months

This was a hard month and yet a month filled with blessings.  People took good, good care of us as we navigated life with the cast.  
Many people brought us delicious dinners and our sweet friend from Texas, Mrs. Julie, sent us a box filled with paper plates and things so we wouldn't have to worry about dishes.  

Look at those wonderful curls you're getting as your hair gets longer!

After not leaving the house at all the whole first week after your surgery, we finally got a carseat from the hospital that you could fit in with your cast!  It was great to be able to be a little more "normal".  

You are amazing at drinking out of an open cup!  You do such a good job.  You also have really turned into a solid food eater all of a sudden!  You love beans and beef especially!

Nana came over to help me clean the house and take care of you one day and it was COLD.  She told me to go and take a shower and she would tidy up the sunroom.  I accidentally locked her in the sunroom!!!  The sunroom with no heat!!  Thankfully Daddy was working from home and let her out!  

You have started sleeping pretty well during the night but you like to wake up really early!!

Mama hosted a girls' weekend at our house to participate in the If:Gathering.  You were soo good!  You hung out with all of the ladies and when we were worshipping you would "sing" like crazy!  It was so cute.  I loved it!

Aunt Gail made custom bloomers for you to help cover the cast!  Here are some shots of us measuring you and also tracing the outline of the cast onto wrapping paper to send to her to make a pattern! Soo thankful for these! 

Nana and Mrs. Betty both made fun aprons for you to wear - vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy and pom pom fringe!  We would tie aprons around your waist above the cast when you ate to try to keep food from going down the cast and to keep the outside of it clean too.

The dreaded day arrived on Valentine's Day - giant poop explosion inside the cast - it stunk so bad and I had to try to figure out how to clean it all out of the inside of the cast (with a very active three year old running around wanting my attention because it was Valentine's Day afterall and I had promised him special Valentine's Day pancakes for breakfast - little did I know I had four hours of cast clean up ahead of me) and try to get us to a state that I could live with for over a month more - I was having a really hard time and sent many desperate texts asking friends and family to pray.

We did finally get to make and eat some fun pancakes for Valentine's Day!

You have been super content with this whole cast business.  You are an amazing baby and people have even told us that you are an inspiration.  We are so proud of you and so, so thankful that you're ours.  God is seeing all of us through this time in amazing ways.  He has given you a spirit of contentment and joy that is so wonderful!

You love the phone and love to push the buttons and hear the sounds.

You also love to watch our robot vacuum cleaner!

You do not like going to bed at night and protest to anyone who will listen.

We didn't go a whole lot of places because it was hard to carry you in the cast and you couldn't fit in a stroller and stuff.  Some grocery carts worked with the cast and one day I took you with me to Albertson's.  You got so much attention and people hardly noticed the cast.  It was really nice.

Books are one of your favorite things.  You are really good at turning the pages even of paper pages rather than board books.  You are really gentle.  

You are a dainty eater in a way.  You pick up everything with your pincer grasp but you also eat a TON!

You say "DaDaDaDaDaDa" a lot!

You got lots of fun mail from friends and family near and far, cards, gift cards for meals and packages with toys and things.  We are spoiled!

Soooo many people were praying for you and for us and even praying at a set time every night.  What a blessing!!!

We love you, precious girl!  


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