Sunday, November 10, 2013

10 on 10 - November 2013

Cora in Bible class with one of our favorite teachers - our picture with our other fun teacher came out all fuzzy :(  

My sweet friend Julie often matches her family's clothes for Sundays as does my friend Ashley.  I like it and admire it but am not "together" enough for all that.  Today after we got to church I realized that David and I coordinated really well!  Yea!

Our small group is studying Mere Christianity.  I hadn't read the chapter yet but found myself "cramming" when I went out to nurse Cora during church.  :)  

driving home

napping baby during small group at our house

playing trains

all hanging out together in the living room

prepping for our waffle potluck tomorrow night

my little kitchen helper

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cora - seven months

Sweet Baby Girl!  It's a little hard for Mama to believe that we're at 7 months already!  That seems so big!  Six months and under seems baby baby and now you're a big seven months and that seems like you're practically a big girl!  Mama's not quite ready.

We enjoyed a wonderful visit from Aunt Kim and Sweetie and you got to snuggle with Aunt Kim and take a nap in the ergo.  Getting you in the ergo is a great way to get you calm and one of the only ways to get you to sleep not in your bed.  

You continue to eat solids and that is fun (and messy!)  You ate pizza (minus the cheese) with Brother and I one night and it was so crazy to later be smelling pepperoni on your breath!  

Mama dressed you up in a crazy over the top outfit and you were pretty cute but I don't know that we'll be wearing this exact ensemble again.  :)  

You had your first "sleepover" this month when Mama went to Prayer Sisters one night and you tagged along and fell asleep on the way there.  We put you in your friend Elizabeth's room and she slept in her crib in there while you slept in your carrier until it was time for us to leave.  I'm sure many more sleepovers are in our future and I'll bet that will be the calmest one!  

You constantly have things in your mouth!  You are so curious and love exploring!

You took your first big girl bath at Nana and Ducca's.  Brother loves having you take a bath with him.  You really enjoy sitting up in the bath and playing with the water and checking everything out.  

We went to Old Colorado City for the Giant Pumpkin Contest one Saturday and enjoyed a family day out and about.  We ate lunch at a restaurant and you CHOWED down on the steak.  A couple nights later we went to Pei Wei and I couldn't believe how you devoured some of the chicken I gave you!

We also enjoyed a visit to the book mobile!

Three or four times in one week people called you "he" and Mama got tired of it so I made sure you were wearing pink and ruffles.  

You really, really enjoy books and always try to grab them when we're reading. You were happy someone finally let you get your hands on one.  You also like hanging out with your Daddy.

trying out spaghetti!

love these baby feet!

You love plastic of all types, crazy girl and like to pat it and hear the sounds it makes.  

sweet snuggle bug!  


you love your cousin Caleb and he loves you!

munching on bell pepper at Mueller State Park
snuggling with Daddy in the hammock
Steelers game day

sleeping on Daddy's shoulder on the plane ride to Dallas

cups are great airplane entertainment!

Yea for you and Mrs. Marla getting to meet each other!!

When in Texas . . . 

We had so much fun with Mrs. Jenny and you got to show off the dress she sent you before you were even born!  

Another "while in Texas . . . " you DEVOURED refried beans and loved them!!!

happy girl at the pumpkin patch!

When I found out we were going to be in Texas in October I realized that I could take you guys back to my very most favorite pumpkin farm.  Our family has a lot of history there.

This completely exemplifies y'all's relationship and I am so very thankful!  

So, so thankful that we got to meet our friends at the pumpkin patch!  It was truly a very special night!

on the hayride!

You glommed my shoulder and got me all drooley!  

Soo glad Miss Erin got to meet you and you her!  

Mama took your picture in the baby punkin bin like Mrs. Dina does with her daughter.  :)  

When we got to the pumpkin patch I knew you were my daughter!  You started squealing with excitement over and over.  I absolutely loved it!  

Your first time to swing in Mrs. Tamara's backyard!  You really enjoyed it.

my cuties

trying toast!

Miss Jenni sent you guys Halloween jammies!! Soo cute!!

You are on the floor playing with Brother so much more these days!  He LOVES to make you laugh.  It is really so much fun!!

Happy Seven Months, Cora Elise!!

We love you, Sweet Baby Girl!