Monday, October 18, 2010

six months - part two

Six months continued . . .

You got to meet your cousin Emily!

You are already interested in Mama and Daddy’s computers and phones but you like to play with your toys too. Water bottles are also a very fun toy to you.

You have started rubbing your eyes when you get tired. It’s really cute.

You went up to Mama’s old school with her and everybody loved seeing you! You were quite the charmer.

You have such a sweet smile and you have started growling. It's adorable!

You charm people everywhere we go. So many people stop to talk to you.

You rode in your big boy stroller for the first time! You did great!! I think Mama has a harder time because I liked the one where we were looking at each other.

You went to the State Fair of Texas and the pumpkin patch!

You started getting up on your hands and knees! Crawling is not too far away!

You started grinning a new really fun “gummy grin” just overnight. We loved it but it seems to have gone away again.

You really love to play in your exersaucer and pull all the toys you possibly can to your mouth.

When we get out the camera you tend to get pretty serious.

You love your Mama a lot and are just a tiny wee bit attached right now. There *are* other people in the world who dearly love you and can take great care of you, Little One.

You continue to love to be outside.

I don't know that you wanted to be licked by this cow at the pumpkin patch though! Gross!

You have started helping to pull your own shirt over your head when I’m dressing you. You’re such a big boy!

You went with Mama and Daddy to a Greek food festival.

You didn't eat any Greek food but the next weekend you ate for the first time and it turns out despite Mama and Daddy's best laid plans, your first food was hay! I found some in your diaper so knew you'd really eaten some. Oops.

Your first *real* solid food experience was on your six month birthday. You got to have potato, sweet potato and chicken.

We have dearly loved this half a year with you little man and look forward to many, many more!

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Karen said...

Such precious, precious memories. Nana especially likes the photo in the I love Harding shirt. And hay in the diaper--how special is that?