Monday, October 18, 2010

happy half birthday to you!

Let's review:

month one: your birthday!

such a sweet day

month two

smiling and so interactive already

month three

a great traveler - all the way to Alaska

month four

you're so much fun and you like to smile and play

month five

handsome boy

And now month six:

It has been a wonderful month full of so many blessings.

You rolled over from your back to your tummy for the first time and started scooting around a little.

You continue to love playing with your rings, chewing on them, picking them up and waving them around. I think you're working on throwing but you just don't let go yet. I'm kind of glad. :)

You are entranced by water and anything you think will hold water. You eye our drinking glasses and know exactly how to get one to your mouth. You can pull on them so hard. You are one strong little boy.

We have fun around the house. You love to lie underneath the dishwasher door and push it up, up, up till we push it back down for you. You are so happy doing this over and over and over.

You like to watch Mama fold laundry and play with the laundry basket.

You had your first ear infection this month and had to take your first antibiotic. You didn’t like it at all at first. Then you started taking it well for Daddy and finally for Mama. By the time we got to the end you were slurping it down like you loved it.

You got your first balloon at a little fair in Collinsville, TX.

You went to California this month to meet your great-grandparents and aunt, uncle and cousins.

Your Nana and Ducca came out to see you too!

You stayed with all those good baby-sitters so Mama and Daddy could go to Disneyland for the day to celebrate our anniversary.

You liked being with everybody.

You were so excited to see your Nana and gave her lots of slobbery kisses.

You started babbling this month! Dabadabadabadaba

Your cousins were great with you. They entertained you a lot! You guys had a lot of fun together.

You went to the beach again.

When we rock in the glider in the living room you love to look at all of the books on the bookshelves behind it. When we rock in the rocking chair in your nursery you love to look at all the books on the shelf in there. I think you like all the colors and even though you mostly like to eat books right now i think you will hopefully have a lifelong love of them.

You have started twisting around on your changing table to try to get to the light switch behind your head on the wall. Sometimes you hang your head off the end. Silly boy!

You became fascinated by the electrical outlet in the front hall. Mama has already put covers on it.

Sometimes we wait out on the balcony for Daddy to come home from work. That is really fun.

You have done so much this month that this post will have to be continued . . .

love, Mama


Karen said...

Oh, my, how I love this little guy. Happy Birthday to You!!!

emily said...

Oh, dear me! what sweet little pics of your precious one! How quickly the days fly by!! We need to get our men together again-- this time to play, not to mall walk!-- soon!!! both your 6 mos. posts were so fun to read :)