Tuesday, October 19, 2010


After a summer of flip flops it's sock weather again.
{well, somedays . . . afterall, we did just wear flip flops to the pumpkin patch!}

(Don't worry I *do* put socks on the munchkin's
feet too but he doesn't keep them on so very well.)

I like to wear "fun" socks.

Where do you like to buy unique socks that don't cost an arm and a leg?

To me, paying over $5 for a pair of socks is too much.
What can I say, I'm cheap.

Where should I shop?

Do you have a favorite pair of socks?



Kori said...

Chase is so funny with socks this year! Of course, he hadn't worn socks since probably April. The first day I put socks on him he got all excited and said "my shoes". Then he looked at me funny when I went to add the shoes!
I did find, after 4 kids, that the best socks for babies are ones that are long enough in the cuff that you can fold them down. Not necessarily the most stylish, but they seem to stay on that way. Unless they get pulled off! But they don't slide off on their own. :-)
I don't own any cute socks for myself so can't answer that one! We wear flip fops most of the year here too and I just haven't bought any fun socks in a few years. :-)

Karen said...

Ducca says put some socks on that little man. I must say that I am addicted to Smart Wool socks, but they aren't cheap. Certainly worth it when my toes are toasty roasty when the winters get cold.

J. Davis said...

I like cute socks too. Unfortunately I'm addicted to Smart Wool socks (great in Alaska), which are not cheap. Last year I got 3 pair for Christmas and 2 pair for my birthday. I was very happy.

Ok, this is funny. I was looking down to figure out how to post and read Karen's comment. I guess I'm not the only one addicted to Smart Wools. I know quite a few Alaskans who are fans.