Sunday, November 3, 2013

seven . . .

I definitely feel like my heart/mind/lifestyle are in the midst of transition right now due to 7 and other factors.  (Don't you love how God works in our lives from so many angles at once?)

It is good.

I fell off the wagon writing about it but that's okay.

I still hope/plan to share some more things here but I am going to move forward since October is over and a few more 7 related posts may come here and there in the future.  

Happy November everyone.  



Sarah B said...

I broke down and bought the book over the weekend. I'm currently reading "Ender's Game" in honor of the movie that just came out and the fact it's one of Jason's favorites. But after that....I may have to engage you in a few more questions :)

Happy November to you, too.

Katie Olthoff said...

I read this a couple of years ago but had to stop at the food chapter because I disagreed with so many of the things Jen said. I'm going to read the food chapter again and write a response.

Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm going to read your other 7 posts now!