Wednesday, October 30, 2013

nothing to do with 7

Did you know that if you have a child under 12 months of age that you can register them with Barnum and Bailey's Greatest Show on Earth for a free ticket to the circus??

Isn't that so cool?

It can be used anytime, there is no expiration date?

Just wanted to pass that little nugget along to any of you who could benefit from it.

More info here.  

I am looking forward to taking my munchkins to the circus in a few years.  Thank you, Kori for telling me about this! 

Do you like to go to the circus?  Have a favorite act?  I can smell the circus as I type and I'm not sure if I've ever even been more than once.  (Have I Mom and Dad?)



Kori said...

We always loved the circus! And I love getting my kids' free tickets. I think Mindy let me know originally! But I will say that one day I need to take my kids to the circus in a bigger place. Even Barnum and Bailey in Little Rock is NOT a 3 ring circus! My kids don't know the difference yet, but I was sure disappointed the first time we went in Little Rock. :-) We don't do the rodeo here either. Nothing like the Houston Rodeo! ;-)

Karen Gibson said...

It seems like we went once at the Astrodome and were disappointed because we had to look "down" at the trapeze artists (that is just wrong). I think we also went to another venue.

Mindy S. said...

Make sure that you get the ticket voucher that is supposed to come in the mail. I printed the certificate off that you get online, but somehow never paid attention to the fact that I never got the voucher in the mail until it was too late and they wouldn't go back and get me that voucher. :-(

JSH said...

I'll be the party pooper here...I would spend the entire time with my hands over my eyes because all the "death defying" acts made me nervous. Couple that with sticky fingers from cotton candy and feeling bad for the elephants and it was not my favorite outing. The good news? The kids next to me had a BLAST!!!