Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Half-Birthday Sweet Cora!!!

Cora, you are a joy!  We are enjoying you so, so much!  

You have shown a big interest in toys this month.  You really like to be engaged and have something to play with.  You tolerate being on your tummy but you still don't roll over very much although you can roll both ways.  I mostly find you on your tummy when you wake up!  

Helping Daddy with his work!

You love your Daddy and give him lots of smiles especially when he makes kissing noises at you from across the room.  When you're eating you will sometimes just stop and look across the room at him and wait for him to look up and notice you looking at him.  You definitely like your Daddy's attention.  

You started snuggling more this month too and we both *love* it so, so much!!

Brother likes to turn this musical mat on for you and you like mashing around on it to make sounds.  It is one of the ways you tolerate tummy time the longest.

We squeezed the most we could out of summer and picnicked some more.  You are showing soo much interest in "big people" food!!  Not long, my sweet one!  

I asked your brother what should be the first food we feed you when you get to eat food with us and he thought a minute and said, "tic tacs!!" very enthusiastically!

You're wearing brother's jammies here from when he was a baby.  I just couldn't resist seeing you in these polka dots too and they are soo soft!  

You rarely lay down anymore. You like to sit up and play.  You are such a big girl!!

You got to go on two trips this month.  The first was to NYC with Mama and Daddy to celebrate our fifth anniversary.  Here you are enjoying the big bed in our nice hotel room.  You slept in the crib at night and I don't think you enjoyed that *quite* as much as nighttimes were kind of rough being off our schedule and not in your own bed.  We were very thankful they gave us a corner room away from all the other rooms so we didn't have to worry so much about your crying.  

In the daytime though you were such a trooper.  We went all over and you were just a joy!   

You enjoyed snuggling in the ergo

and sitting on park benches

and getting ahold of Mama's empty water cup! 

I love seeing you in these pretty vintage dresses and you wore the pearls to church that Aunt Terry gave you!  

You have started to really love chewing on socks and washcloths and things or your dress or sleeves if you can get them to your mouth.  It is really cute and funny the faces you make.  You have also learned to "pat, pat, pat" with your left arm usually and your elbow straight and you will beat with that hand on your tray and chew and snarl ferociously!!  It is soo funny!!

You wore your first tights and your cute dress from Great-Granny all the way from England!

Your second trip was to California to visit our family there.  We went while Daddy was out of town for work and Ducca took us with him.  He is a great sport to travel with our craziness!

"Gammy" fixed up a pretty crib for you and you got to wear your swimsuit for the first time!  I couldn't get over how cute you look in it!!

You enjoyed the beach and so did brother and Ducca and Mama!

You enjoyed digging in the sand.  

and being held by Gammy

At Gammy's house you got lots of good swing time with Ducca and Mama and Aunt Carol.  

Back home and you are chewing on EVERYTHING you can get your hands on!

I have already found paper, napkin and sand in your diaper.  :)  

Pretty, pretty girl on your six month birthday!!

We love you soo much!  You are a light in our lives and so much fun to be around.  You continue to delight us every day!  We are so thankful to have you, Cora girl!

And then it was time for a little half birthday celebration.  We are starting solids with you the same as we did with brother, doing Baby-led Weaning and skipping the purees and starting with table food.  

The table is set.  

Your food is ready.  Grilled chicken, breadsick, roast carrot, steamed broccoli and raw carrot.  

We thought you would like it but we were all completely delighted when you *dove* in and didn't stop grabbing things and taking them to your mouth and gnawing on them (and even getting some down the hatch as evidenced by your diaper the next day!) for a good half hour or more.  

We love you so much, Cora Baby!  

Happy Six Months!!



Karen Gibson said...

Happy 6 month birthday precious Cora.

Julie P. said...

She is beautiful! I can't get over how time is flying.