Sunday, October 6, 2013

clothes - day 6

August 15, 2009

I guess I tend to keep clothes for a long time.  

This pair of black capri yoga pants is one of the items of clothing I chose for 7 clothes month around our house.  

This photo is from when I was newly pregnant with David.  They've lasted through two pregnancies and lots of mothering - spit up, crawling on the floor building train set layouts, etc.

I wondered if I would get tired of wearing the same 7 tops and bottoms over and over for a month but for the most part I really didn't.  That was an interesting thing for me to discover.  

Also, in case you didn't see Kori's comment from yesterday's post, I think this is very well said:

"I totally agree with this. I haven't read the book. But I think the purpose is 2 main points - to realize and appreciate our blessings (which allows us to automatically share more of those blessings as God commanded us and keeps us from taking things for granted) and also to live purposefully (not allowing things to happen because they happen but to make sure we are living life to God's plan, in His intent and serving Him - not just slipping through our to do list and schedule). I believe to do either of those things we must plan to do them because in our sinful human nature they don't happen automatically!"

I like my to do list and my routine and my normal and taking steps to try to step out of it in different little ways at a time is good for me.  

Right now, my house feels overwhelmed with possessions and I have company coming tomorrow - I'm writing this Saturday night - so I'm off to clean up and maybe, just maybe I'll see a thing or two I don't need and can get rid of along the way.  

We'll see.  

Have a wonderful Lord's Day.  I am looking forward to spending it with family and relaxing.  



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