Saturday, October 5, 2013

your questions - day five

Sarah had a good question. 

"Was there some kind of catalyst event that brought this experiment of her's on? Did she have a goal at the beginning - or just do something and see how it changed her?"

As she explains it in the book, taking in victims of Hurricane Katrina and having a child comment on how "rich" her family was when they considered themselves "normal" middle class gave her a jolt to look at the excessive/consumptive lives we tend to live in America.  

I feel like the point is not to necessarily decide to quit media all together or to forever only own 7 outfits or whatever but by taking a limited amount of time to see what life is like when you do alter your "norm" you can begin to let go of things being your status quo.  

For instance, I am far happier with less clothes than I ever thought possible before this challenge.  That doesn't mean that every season of my life will look exactly the same regarding clothes, food, media, possessions, etc. but it is good to know that "how I've always been" doesn't necessarily have to be "how I'll always be".  We all have choices and it is easier to actively decide what choices you want to make when you step out of doing what you do out of habit.  

I also think about what I want these two (in their funny hats) to take away from their time in our home.  

Hope you're having a good weekend!  



Kori said...

I totally agree with this. I haven't read the book. But I think the purpose is 2 main points - to realize and appreciate our blessings (which allows us to automatically share more of those blessings as God commanded us and keeps us from taking things for granted) and also to live purposefully (not allowing things to happen because they happen but to make sure we are living life to God's plan, in His intent and serving Him - not just slipping through our to do list and schedule). I believe to do either of those things we must plan to do them because in our sinful human nature they don't happen automatically!

Karen Gibson said...

Good experiment! Cute kids.

JSH said...

Ok, I'm not totally caught up on the content because I was scanning and about to hit the sack but I just had to tell you that Cora is ALL YOU now! Love those grins!

Julie P. said...

I LOVE the way you put this. I also love how you always come back to seasons in our lives and I think this is part of that current. You never know what you are capable of until you try, but then you will always know. Wow, so great!!!!