Monday, October 21, 2013

so yeah, I took another little break - days 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21

his new "tough" face

enjoying fall

the big pumpkin weigh off

eating lunch with a group on

*finally* visiting the book mobile - a dream come true for this little man!

We had a good weekend, what about you?  

Okay, so just for fun here are some little snippets related to 7:

*  What are your favorite ways that you have ever blessed someone else with your excess?

*  I am very encouraged to have heard back from some of the ministries I contacted and look forward to beginning baby steps towards connecting my stuff with people who need it. 

*  I also have been pondering that it is not necessarily about finding "the most needful person in all of Colorado Springs" or whatever, sometimes I think it is just about having an attitude of being loose handed with our stuff to share it with whomever God puts on our heart whether it's someone materially or physically in *need* or whether God may know some things we don't and the "richest" person may be uplifted in a very important way by something we have that we can share to bless.

*  Related to that, what is a way that someone has blessed you with something that you may not have *needed* but because they were not holding their stuff/time/gifts/food/blessings tightly, you were encouraged, lifted up, pointed to God, given a glimpse of God, etc.?  I would love to hear your stories!  I'll bet you just might have one if you think about it. 

*  Food:  I mentioned how I'm not eating dairy for Cora's sake.  It is harder than I would like to admit and there were times over the weekend that I was a baby about it.  I want to live in an attitude of gratefulness for ALL that I have.  I have soo many options and choices and wonderful things to eat!  I don't want to fixate on what I "can't have".  

*  Interesting comment I overheard at an estate sale:
"for a dollar you can throw it away"
hmm, I get what he was thinking but really, really maybe we should rethink things.  

* so Sunday officially began "media month" for us
We do not have a specific plan yet.  Plans take time to come up with, something that doesn't seem in vast supply in our season of an infant and a three year old.  Well really I should say uninterrupted blocks of time although ironically if we quit using electronic media in the evenings after the kids are in bed we would at least have *more* uninterrupted blocks of time 
But anyway, I think perhaps we'll use the month to come up with "mini plans" and see where that takes us. 

We did talk some about "media month" on Saturday night and then on Sunday morning at church there were at least three comments during class and the service that seemed to point toward "less media" and we kept looking at each other.  

* okay and this isn't pretty I'll admit but when it comes to caring about others these two posts really got my attention this week 

Okay, hope you're week is starting off well.  


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Kori said...

Hmm - off topic from the post but a blog question? :-)
Recently you had a post that showed some meal and you had whole carrots and said something about carrot tops. Remember which post? James just picked some carrots from our garden and I am super curious what you did with the tops. Our goats or sheep usually eat those! :-)Of course what you did with the rest of the carrot could be inspiring too, just not as clueless about that part. But can't find the post as I'm hurrying to get to the store.
Hope you're having a wonderful day!