Thursday, October 3, 2013

Processing 7 by Jen Hatmaker - day 3

This picture has nothing to do with this post really but I couldn't help but share a cutie pic of my boy drawing on his face (and the chalkboard) with yellow chalk - his favorite color.

Our library's check out period is three weeks and it took me the three full weeks to make it through Jen Hatmaker's book 7.  

In fact, I was "cramming" the last night that I had it checked out trying to finish. 

One thing I meant to say yesterday is that Jen doesn't "preach" in her book.  

It is definitely her account of what having an "experimental mutiny against excess" meant in her life.  She doesn't tell other people what to do.  She's all nice that way.  :)  

I think it was just a whole lot for me to process and thus slow reading at times even though the writing style makes for a "quick read".  Obviously I'm still processing and choosing to write a 31 day series about my thoughts on the book and it's been since June so it has impacted me a lot.

July was a busy month for us with travel and family in town and although I thought about the book some it took a bit of a backseat in my thoughts which is fine of course.  Then I found that I kind of wanted to stop processing largely on my own and talk to some other people who'd read it.  Two friends, one local and one back in Texas had read it and we chatted over dinner and on the phone.  My friend in Texas asked me if Adrian and I were doing any of the "giving ups".  

Hmmm . . . no.  

It is actually the sort of thing I like to "experiment" in practical ways but talking my husband into it and adding one more thing when I have a little baby . . . hmmm.

I/we decided to join she and her husband though in putting some of these ideas into practice in our lives in some way.  

I will openly admit here that I was glad they were already in the middle of their "food month" when we started talking about this and it was "too late" for us to join in.  Well, more accurately we just skipped that part.  I'm not saying it probably wouldn't be enlightening and a growing experience for us to modify our eating habits for a season to realize the absolute bounty of good food that we have.  It would.  I just didn't want to and that's the honest truth.

So that gave me a good two weeks to contemplate how I wanted to tackle clothes month which was coming up next.

Oh and for those of you who haven't read the book, Jen's 7 areas that she experimentally mutinies against excess in her life and that of her family are food, clothes, possessions, waste, media, spending and stress.  

Okey dokey.

I would really like to dialogue with you guys as we go along so if you have thoughts, questions about anything, etc. please, please share in the comments!


MM said...

Excited to keep reading your series. I'm still on the waiting list for this book at our library. Just checked out Brandon atmaker's book to read while I wait.

Sarah B said...

Was there some kind of catalyst event that brought this experiment of her's on? Did she have a goal at the beginning - or just do something and see how it changed her? I have participated in several group fasts over the last few years and have started fasting during Lent. Each sacrifice brings revelation..and often small changes that are sustained. Curious to see where all this goes for her.

Karen Gibson said...

I want to hear about the stress one.

Julie P. said...

I often go back and forth about all the stuff. I look forward to reading about your journey and process.