Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"media month" - day 23

Have you ever 


taken a break

curbed your appetite for

or in any way shown intentional discipline in your life

when it came to a form of media, whether electronic or not?

What were the specifics if you don't mind sharing?

Did you think it was good?

What were the benefits?


I would love to read your ideas.



Sarah B said...

I gave up FB for Lent a couple years ago and took the app off my phone. Last year I just didn't allow myself to use FB at work (which proved to make me MUCH more efficient.) Both times I also had more time for reading blogs & reading in general. At first I would feel a bit "left out" but got over it soon. I'm about ready for another break. It seems I don't regulate myself well and the fasts help me "reset". I feel like I've put restrictions on TV time before, but that one's harder for me, living alone (I know you didn't have a tv, but it's my escape). I could probably benefit from at least one day/night each week with no TV. I'm not sure how to fast from the internet except to put time blocks on it? It's definitely a monopolizer these days, but whenever I step away, I'm reminded of so much that exists outside of media!! Good luck. I look forward to hearing what you choose to try.

Karen Gibson said...

A while back, I was spending entirely too much time playing on-line Solitaire. I "fasted" from it for an entire year with a specific thing to think about/pray about when I would normally be playing Solitaire. It was a good experience.