Tuesday, October 15, 2013

one of the biggest perks of 7 clothing month - day 15

Adrian & I - and Cora :)
went to New York City to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary 
right at the end of "7 clothes month".  

Usually I take a *notoriously* long time choosing clothes for a trip but packing for NYC (a trip where I would normally try to figure out the "just right" outfits for looking cute for my husband and chic for the city and comfy for walking around) was a breeze!

arriving in the city in Grand Central Station

It was the easiest, least "stewing over" packing ever and I really, really liked it.  I just packed what I had that was clean.  (okay, I did plan ahead a little and wore my yoga pants while washing some of the other stuff so I could pack it for the trip but still) *And* I did not feel underdressed, not cute enough, or anything of the like while we were in New York.  

How do you decide on clothes to pack for a trip?



JSH said...

Love that it was easy for you! My method is to look at last years pictures and make sure I pick something different so the photos don't all look the same!

Sarah B said...

So glad you got to go to NYC to celebrate! I am in need of a visit there myself...I'm enjoying the thoughts on clothing. I've been downsizing my closet in recent weeks. Nothing like packing/moving/unpacking into a smaller closet to make you realize - maybe I have too many clothes. I don't have real goal to narrow it down to, but I love the idea of more space. And if I can get it to mostly clothes I really like, then it shouldn't be stressful to choose something to wear, right? :)