Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Okay so snow is really frozen water but how cute is my little 

boy-o shoveling the snow like his Daddy?  He felt SO big and 

was so proud.

But let's talk about the kind of water that you drink. 

Do you remember the past two Marches when we've raised money in partnership with The Adventure Project to not only provide CLEAN WATER to communities that desperately need it but also to provide JOBS and lots and lots of HOPE!!!

This is SUCH an exciting thing to me.  We have all been blessed so very richly and the opportunity to bring Heaven to earth is such a privilege!! 

Once again, my friend Mandy Houle is hosting a world water day raffle.  You can read all about this year's project (and see all of the fun raffle prizes up for grabs!) here but here is a little excerpt.  

"by investing in existing wells, we have the opportunity to 

employ entrepreneurs to become well mechanics, while 

simultaneously providing clean water.  i've always loved 


diana keesiga works with water for people.  they believe that 

it is possible for everyone to always have access to clean 

water.  their slogan says it all.

"everyone, forever.""

UM . . . YES!!! 

Last year readers of this blog donated $150 to The Adventure Project to help provide water, jobs and HOPE.

Can we do at least that much or MORE this year???

I would LOVE that!  

Consider it your birthday present to me 3 months early.  :)

Any questions, please feel free to ask.  

Oh and hey, don't bid on the same thing I did.  :)  JUST KIDDING.  You are welcome to!  

AND you don't have to live in Colorado Springs to participate in the raffle.  Many of the prizes can be shipped.

Especially if you have Easter/birthday/graduation/Mother's/Father's Day gifts to buy coming up anyway, what about entering the raffle to win a present to give?  Just a thought.  


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Mandy said...

kelly! what a blessing it was to have you in my home the other day for the water party! thanks so much for being a part of the raffle again this year. your comment on the blog was so thoughtful and meant so much to me! and, yes, ashton's ariel cake was a hit, phew!! i'll post some pictures later in the week. :)