Thursday, March 7, 2013


Good morning you guys.

This is one of the photos I took at the Children's Museum in Pittsburgh.  

I love seeing the interaction between Grandma and David.  I love seeing the delight and discovery on my little guy's face as he gets to explore this COOL water play area.

This morning though as I looked through my iphoto for a photo to include in this post, this one took on a different light to me.

The day we were there (in the winter, during cold and flu season!) you can be sure I told David not to drink this water as he played just like I ask him not to drink bath water.

See that elephant??

He reminds me of Africa.

This morning I am thinking about Uganda, Africa.

Elephants live there.

And I'll bet you anything that the mamas in Uganda Africa would CRY TEARS OF JOY 
to let their kiddos drink from the water in that vast play area.

That humbles me and helps me to see that photo in a COMPLETELY different light.

We've talked about The Adventure Project (or TAP for short) here on the blog before.  It is a project that I truly believe in.  It is a project that I have given money to time and again (not to toot my own horn just to say that I am putting my money where my mouth is, this is not just an empty blogpost.)

The Adventure Project is about jobs for people so that they can have HOPE in their circumstances.  They are conscientious and well prepared and they are people who love God.  

March is the month that The Adventure Project focuses on WATER.

This year the project is for Uganda, Africa.

I haven't been to Africa at all yet but I have MANY dear friends who have lived in, worked in and visited Uganda.

It is exciting to me that Uganda is the country for this year's project.  

This project has the real opportunity to bring Heaven to earth - to do God's Kingdom work here and now.  To be pleasing to Him.  To change lives . . . bringing health but also bringing smiles (can you imagine the delight that drinking a pure, clean glass of water would bring when it's your first???!) and HOPE.  Hope for the future, for CHANGE because this project is more than just about digging wells for clean water.  It will train people, people who struggle just to get by, it will train them to have jobs that can change the course of their family history for generations to come.  

There will be positions for well mechanics and meter readers.

JOBS people!

I would absolutely love it if you decided to partner with this project even just a little.

My friend Mandy can tell you even more about it here and she's raffling off some really fun items (especially if you're local but there are some that can be shipped!) so go check out here post.

And enjoy the blessing of clean water you have today and say a prayer for those who don't have the easy access to it that we have.

Have a great day! 



Mandy said...

thanks, kelly. love this.

BR said...

Thanks for the neat info! Wonderful!