Tuesday, March 26, 2013

new skill

I taught him to blow a whistle today.

What was I thinking???!

Have you learned anything new today?



Dina said...

That is so funny. Katie has a recorder that she loves to "toot"! I let her bring it in the car today and I was wondering what I was thinking too!

Anonymous said...

Can I just say again that I think his sweet red head is oh-so wonderful?! I wondered what I was thinking after purchasing a recorder for my kiddos years ago to go along with their instrument set. Oh my. A whistle of sorts with several different high-pitched keys? Made complete by the marching of feet on the wood floors. Definitely didn't think that one through. :)


BR said...

his jammies and his sweet red cheeks make me want to melt!! speaking of melting - Mr. Quinn kissed us tonight for the first time, it was sooo sweet!

Karen said...

Not all bad habits are learned at Nana's house.