Saturday, March 30, 2013

maybe . . .

it's time to get one of those fancy dancy glue gun stand things.

Do you have any fun glue gun accessories?

No baby news overnight.  

Thought about biking to breakfast this morning.  Decided it's probably not the *best* idea.  

Driving the car, parking a little bit away and getting a good walk in is probably more the ticket.  



Kori said...

I say skip the car and bike - have a friend follow you in a car and you walk the whole way and see if that does it! ;-) Walking hills definitely did it for me with number 1.
When you are throwing away plastic containers (sour cream type stuff) keep the lid and use it as a glue gun rest. No need for fancy or $! The glue peels off of the plastic pretty easily and if you use lots of sour cream or similar things then you can toss them instead of peeling them. :-)

Lori said...

I like the lid idea. I usually use a paper plate. Come on little babe, everyone is ready. An Easter chick would be nice.

BR said...

Yes, in fact, I have a super fancy cordless glue gun with a stand. Big time! Huge! And I love using it because I always think of when we were together at a garage sale and you brought it over to me with such excitement and told me to buy it! Bam! That's what friends are for!

BR said...

Is that washi tape on your space bar?