Wednesday, March 27, 2013

various snapshots from the nursery

the polka dot wall is now finished but this was the first row!
inspired by hers

special animals from our first date, David's baby blessing at our old church, my brother's and my childhood & a special glass jar from a friend that now holds a pretty hankie and cotton balls

changing table her Daddy built with pink knobs this time replacing the blue as well as various things waiting to go on the wall - some of which are now up, some of which aren't . . . 

garland I made from an old quilt inspired by this one

an outfit that was mine as a baby, frame and hook I've had for ages, vintage looking baby hanger that I think came from dollar tree and was a gift when I was expecting David from a sweet, sweet co-worker and a vintage tray I picked up somewhere along the way

silver dish and baby slip I picked up along the way somewhere and hanger I made last weekend inspired by this one

diapers and wipes ready to go

so there you have it - a little progress report

off to work on some more decor projects



Anonymous said...

Hope you are getting some rest! Praying for an easy delivery! Emily

Anonymous said...

What are the colors of the nursery, walls, and bedding?

BR said...

i just love your wooden diaper box and the scrapbook decoration you put on the wipes and the polka dot wall and the vintage hanger and just all of the little touches. the pink knobs on the dresser are lovely! all of it is precious. I know she will love it and you will love being in her room too!!!

Karen said...

Beautiful and so like Baby Sister's mama. So glad you really get to decorate a nursery this time around.

Anonymous said...

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