Friday, March 29, 2013

fun mail

Several weeks ago I got a really fun package in the mail from my friend Erin.  Lots of pink everywhere you looked including these vellum polka dots scattered throughout!

Most of my photos as I was opening it didn't turn out that great but this one did!  Cutie, cute socks in three different sizes!  How great is that?!  

We went to Burger King (which David kept calling King Soopers - the Kroger equivalent grocery store chain here!) for dinner and to a new to us local ice cream joint, Rizuto's for ice cream!  I totally splurged and got a sundae!

AND yea for there being coupons for both in the Entertainment Book!  A night out for our family for only $17 total! 

Oh except the car wash we got on the way home.  But we have been putting it off a LONG time and not only do we have a clean car now but it was great entertainment to a small boy!

And honestly, the rainbow colored soap intrigued me as well.  :)

So another random fact:

One of the reasons I'd like to avoid an iv if possible at the hospital is because I don't like having all of that gunky gray adhesive residue on my arm for days and days.  Silly?

And yet here I am glue gunning up a storm in these days before delivery and I have hot glue all over me.  :)

On another note, what are you doing this Easter weekend?  

I had kind of written off Easter weekend festivities thinking I would be in the hospital.  I stuffed plastic eggs and sent them and a  "hunting basket" for David home with my mom and filled David's Easter basket and stuck it in the top of our closet for safe keeping/hiding weeks ago.  But since I'm not yet in labor and I have regained confidence to leave the house I am wondering if we'll take David to the thing at our church tomorrow and go to church on Sunday and brunch at dinnertime (after kiddos get naps) at my parents' in the evening.  

Who knows?!

If we do go to church I need to get flowers to take since we're putting them in crosses.  

Okay, I also need to go to bed.  

Have a good night and a wonderful Easter weekend!  


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