Thursday, March 21, 2013

getting ready to be a GREAT big brother!

This was all his own idea to get a baby out, wrap it in his star blanket (he was very specific) and put it in his shopping cart.  

This morning when I couldn't really do something he asked I said, "I won't have a big belly much longer.  Soon baby sister will be here." and he said, "I'm so excited!"  Music to this Mama's ears.  

I've been working on the nursery (slowly but surely) and this morning he walked in first thing and said all on his own, "Baby Sister's room is BEAUTIFUL!" 

I love this boy!  



BR said...


Mindy S. said...

So Sweet!

Something has crossed my mind and I think that I must prepare you. Something will happen when you go to the hospital for Baby Sister to be born. You will leave your sweet LITTLE boy with Nana (or whoever). The next time you see him, when you are holding Baby Sister in your arms, you will look at him and suddenly your little boy will look like such a grown up GIANT to you. It is a little shocking. You will adjust though and he will still be your little boy. :-)

rebecca said...

Good job, David!

Karen said...

That is just precious. He already loves his baby sister and will even more when she arrives.