Friday, March 22, 2013

world water day!!

Today is World Water Day!

We talked about it here.  Remember?

Will you do me a favor and click on one of the links below.  I've included a lot here.  You have things to do.  I get that.  Just one link and check it out.  

I would love it if you would check out some of these links and consider giving a little of our abundance to help others.

This story is soo great!  You've got to check it out.  

All photos from The Adventure Project - the great people hosting World Water Day today and MAKING A DIFFERENCE

Here is a GREAT explanation of it.  

People don't want our handouts.  They want JOBS.  This provides them jobs, clean water, a package deal . . . teach a man or woman to fish . . . 

More good info here

Mandy has some great raffles going on here and here with all the money going to fund CLEAN WATER in Uganda if you're interested!  

If you feel so led you can donate here.  

One more thing, if you don't read this today (Friday) please don't feel like it is too late!  This project is bigger than one day.  Whatever your heart finds to do, do it.  :)

oh and p.s. $150 has already been donated from our "circle" here.  Let's do even more.
Okay, happy weekend!  


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Always an Adventure said...

Kelly! My goal is to buy birthday gifts this year from "mission" projects. It has been hard to know which place are legit. I'm so excited to read your post & see more ideas. Yay!!!