Saturday, December 22, 2012

love this quote

So we've been in Pittsburgh visiting family and then they came back with us for Christmas! So fun!

One of the things that we got to do while we were in Pittsburgh is that Grandma, David and I went to the Children's Museum.

Pittsburgh happens to be where Mr. Fred Rogers is from so there were a lot of things in the museum dedicated to him.  

 I like this quote that was on one of the walls.

I struggle sometimes in playing *with* David but I dearly love watching him play and seeing/overhearing what he comes up with.

I am trying to learn the balance between letting him do his own thing and being right there with him.

Do you have any thoughts about play?  



Julie said...

I have gotten where I let the kids play until they ask me to join them. I will say, I don't feel like I will ever really find the "right" balance for anything as a mother, but as long as I am aware and trying, I pray that God will overcome my shortcomings. Or a good therapist for my kids later in life. :)

Karen said...

I read one time that play is a child's work. Still pondering that one.