Wednesday, December 26, 2012

vintage wrapping paper

This paper came straight from Mexico with my relatives who live there and I don't know that it is vintage but I LOVE it's vintage look.

I also love that my family dug into my stash of vintage wrapping paper found at a garage sale a couple summers ago.  (Have I mentioned that Colorado Springs has amazing garage/estate sales for vintage stuff?) 

Fun scenes from under the tree for this vintage loving girl.  

Where do you like to buy wrapping paper?


front end loaders can carry scraps of vintage wrapping as well as dirt

Last year I got clearance wrapping paper at Target but was very disappointed in how thin it was and how easily it tore as I tried to wrap.  I was considering going to Hobby Lobby's after Christmas sales and when I was in Pittsburgh at a Marshall's I saw some really cute kraft paper with white polka dots which could be used for Christmas as well as other things.  I may have to stop by both as well as any suggestions you guys might have.



Mindy S. said...

Yes! I have bought the paper at Target after Christmas and it is terribly thin. Hallmark has the best for quality (plus they have those little grid marks on the back for straight cutting), but their stuff isn't cheap so I never buy it. I do think Hobby Lobby probably is the best, and even before Christmas it is usually 50% off. I did have someone point out to me that Hobby Lobby has rolls that are different sizes, but they are the same price, so check the square footage to make sure you are getting the best bargain.

Julie P. said...

I am switching to plain brown kraft paper. I bought mine at Target in their gift asile, sometime this summer. I just decorate the paper with whatever is appropriate. Washi tape has been fantastic for that. The Container Store has WONDERFUL paper. I got one roll there last year. It has the gridlines on the inside too.

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

I love vintage wrapping paper and always keep my eye out for it at thrift stores. Recently I received a box from Amazon and the "filler" was very long (30 ft.?) piece of brown kraft paper. Although it is wrinkled, I think it will make great gift wrap. Also, I got some nice paper at Walgreens one year on clearance.