Saturday, December 8, 2012

a big night

Last night was a big night.  

We went to the zoo's Electric Safari to see all of the Christmas lights and some animals.  The giraffes are kind of the focal point of the zoo here you might say.  I think there are 22 of them, including a baby born on my parents' anniversary in August!  That little baby is soo cute.  

Well, last night my "little baby" who has been scared of the giraffes from day one when we're up close and yet lately has been saying at home that giraffes are his favorite animal, asked for some lettuce.  

I couldn't believe he wanted to feed them so you'd better believe I forked over the $2 for lettuce to feed the giraffes.  He had so much fun!  It was adorable!  

This is him feeding the baby giraffe.  So cute.  He was thanking the giraffe too.  Adorable and so sweet.

Does the zoo in your area do anything for Christmas? 



Gina said...

Don't you just love it when they face their fear and overcome it. Jacob's big one was bugs. He overcame it a while ago. And now this mommy, who is NO lover of crawly creatures, finds herself presented with insects on a regular basis. And I ooh and ahh over each one, and try my best to avoid cringing :)

These are the moments that you will treasure forever....

Mindy S. said...

So sweet!
I got to take the girls to the Houston zoo this summer when their new baby giraffe was only 14 DAYS old. He was so sweet.

Karen said...

Such sweet moments. He's growing up.