Friday, December 21, 2012

Union Station

On our way to and from Pittsburgh last week we got to spend a little time in Chicago.

Boy do I love that city.  

It was my first time to be there in the Christmas season.  Lots of beautiful lights and lots of holiday decorations that reminded me of things we'd seen in Montreal.  

I will admit that by our fourth night sleeping on the train out of nine, with half of us running fever, the romantic notions of train travel conjured up by this photo were a bit lacking for us in reality.  

Ah the adventures!  Wouldn't really live without them but I am so glad to be home!

I woke up at five this morning and while trying to fall back to sleep "There's no place like home for the holidays" kept singing itself in my head.  

Are you spending your Christmas holidays at home or traveling?  Boat, train, car or plane?

Blessings on you wherever you go!



Julie said...

That sounds brutal! Ryan's parents are coming to us for Christmas. They got in this morning, and are staying until Friday morning.

Karen said...

Glad you're home for the holidays.