Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Travel Tuesday - Montreal!!!

I thought I'd lead off with the pic that I took while being stared at incomprehensibly by a woman in Canada. Don't they blog in Canada? Don't they understand the need to take a picture, whenever, wherever the mood strikes?

I call it "Finished Latte" :)

okay, Montreal, what can I say, it's a foodie's paradise!

We did our part to eat our way through Montreal.

But hey, with all that walking and climbing stairs (it was the weirdest thing, they would constantly have escalators followed by 5 or 6 stairs, how are people with disabilities supposed to get around?) and shivering in the 5 degree temps, that burns a lot of calories!

Yummy, yummy bakery with gingerbread cookies lined up in a row. :)

The people were so nice. You're kind of "supposed" to speak French there and Adrian really does very well ordering, etc. in French but when you get stuck they are very good to help you out in English!

Did I mention that it was REALLY COLD????

this one I call "Shadow Kiss" :)

So, of course being interested in decorating, I needed to take in the French Canadian style. They really seem to like to decorate with branches there. It was cool though. I wish I had been able to capture more examples but here are a couple.

Fun, huh?

Look at these whimsical gumdrop looking trees in the Old Town.

This wreath adorned our hotel. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency. It was VERY nice and we were able to get it on internet special! whoohooo!

I call this one "All Bundled Up"

What you can't see is the long underwear (pants and shirt), thigh high striped socks (my legs really were warmer)