Friday, January 23, 2009

questions - blogging fodder

okey dokey, so here's the deal.

What's something you've always wanted to know?

That I could answer.

Maybe you know me in real life.

Maybe you don't. 

Maybe you comment regularly.

Maybe you never have.

Now's your chance.

Comment with some questions that I can answer in upcoming blog posts.

Hope you're having a good one.  Kelly

photo:  taken by my husband on our honeymoon on a beach in Northern California :)  


Karen said...

How do you decide what you want to blog about? How do you choose which pictures you will use?

Mod Girl said...

I know that you and Adrian met through eharmony, but, if you're willing to share, I would love to hear more of "your story".

Have a great weekend. We're prepping for a birthday here, too. If I remember correctly, my little guy and your nephew share a birthday.

Deborah said...

How long will it be before I get to send you some red patent-leather Mary Jane's?

By the way, this comment is just for Kelly, and will get no further explanations.


Sandy said...

oooh, i just read mod girl's ? - yes! do tell! :)

great pix, enjoy your weekend! doing any entertaining?