Tuesday, January 27, 2009

travel Tuesday - St. Louis

Did you guess correctly?  Yesterday's photo was taken in St. Louis, MO.  
That plane hangs in the airport.  

I really liked the plane.  I did not like the airport.  Not that it's a bad airport, but when Adrian and I met he was living in Missouri and I lived in Texas.  I didn't like that airport because when I would go there I would be leaving him.  Of course on the other side, I would arrive there when I would be seeing him for a visit and that was always a happy thing but I guess the plane hangs in the part where I would be when I would depart, hence the feelings of sadness.  

The first time I went to St. Louis was my freshman year of college.  I was in the university's Chorus and we would go on tour at the end of Christmas break every year.  My freshman year one of our stops was St. Louis.  Snow was still a very new thing to me (growing up in Houston, TX) and I loved it (still do!).  I remember going up in the arch with the snow falling down and thinking it was so great.  

Since then I've been back to St. Louis many times.  I've been to St. Louis with my friend Alissa (on the way to her home in another part of MO) to go to the Mary Engelbreit store at the Galleria (now closed) when we were both SUPER into ME.  I've been to visit my friend Jenny.  We went to Soulard Market which proved to be a highly satisfactory Farmers Market experience.  We went to Union Station which was a lot of fun, particularly standing at the spot with the arch where you can whisper and someone on the other side can hear you.  We went to Fair St. Louis
with fireworks on the 2nd or 3rd of July.  It was cool but on the 4th we saw the fireworks in Troy, MO and boy, let me tell you, those are the best fireworks I think I've ever seen!  If you're in the area next July 4th, you should definitely go!  

I still go to St. Louis to visit Jenny but a couple of years ago in March I flew into St. Louis having only decided to approx. 36 hours earlier when Adrian found a special fare & why not go on the spur of the moment?  I called Jenny on Friday and said, "What are you doing tomorrow?" and Adrian and I met she and her husband at the St. Louis Bread Co. (which I recommend & is known as Panera outside the St. Louis area) for breakfast the next morning after he picked me up at the airport.   

If you're in St. Louis my other recommendations would be:  

I know they have them in other cities, including my own, but this one is my favorite that I've been to.  Clean, nice, romantic!

Yum!  Yum!  Yum!  Their grasshopper cupcakes are so wonderful and I'd really like to try their lemondrop cupcakes.  

for the BIGGEST dishes of ice cream and root beer floats you've ever seen!  

gawk at the magnificent homes lining it, visit the zoo or the art museum (they're FREE!), sit in the sun on art hill and watch the world go by, play at the very cool playground

and one of my very, very most favorite places to go in St. Louis

go for dinner, I don't think you'll regret it

Have you been to St. Louis?  What are some of your favorite things to do there?  

Do you live in St. Louis?  Give us an insider's scoop.  


Anonymous said...

I have tried to convince people of how wonderful my hometown is for so many years! I'm so glad that you love it, too! (I love Travel Tuesdays!)


Miss G said...

Laura, do we know each other in real life or did you just find my blog in blog world? Have you been to any of the places I listed? If not, have fun exploring even more parts of your city. I am so glad to know you love travel Tuesdays. Thanks for telling me! Kelly

Karen said...

My first time in St. Louis was in college when I went home with a friend. Two vivid memories from that trip.
#1--there were huge blocks of ice on the almost frozen Mississippi River (beautiful)
#2--the arch--my friend told me we could go to the top of the arch and I envisioned going on the outside like a roller coaster. Imagine my relief when we went up on the inside.

Sandi said...

My husband is from St. Louis,and my in-laws still live there. Our first date was to the art museum and the zoo. The science museum is also free and cool to visit. The zoo is one of my most favorite things -- especially the penguin/puffin exhibit. For those with children, the Magic House is a great place to visit -- it costs a little but is a lot of fun. I also LOVE Soulard's -- so many beautiful colors and interesting people and food! Every year for our anniversary (at least for the last 4-5), we have used Priceline to get a hotel in a different part of St. Louis and to explore that area -- it is a lot of fun!